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It was a busy Sunday for my family since we had a couple of things to do and buy before I head out for my Business trip. I needed to visit a nail salon, grab some groceries, get some last minute personal stuff and the highlight of it all – shop for Cherienne’s school stuff. As we got so tired of walking around the mall and noticed that it was already past dinner time, we decided to go and grab some food to eat. Earlier that day, as we were walking pass some restaurants in MOA, we came across Sakae Sushi. They have a conveyor belt that goes round the tables, enticing customers to go get a plate. We saw that they offer EAT-ALL-YOU-CAN Sushi. Being the gluttons that we were, we decided to try out the place.

Here they come!

Mesmerized by the thought of having the freedom to grab anything we wanted from the moving tray, we were easily convinced to try their eat-all-you-can treat. We thought that we will be able to pile up plate after plate since we were fond of Sushi. The treat came with a free bowl of Miso soup and a choice of bottomless hot or iced green tea. Since I AM A BIG GREEN TEA FAN, that part of the deal was music to my ears. 

The plates were of different colors to identify the price of the sushi sitting on top:

Red plate for 99php

The red plates were so rare during our visit. We only got to sample two red plates and both sushi had this yellow topping with a very weird texture and taste.

Green plate for 79php

We sampled several green plates, wasn’t able to take pictures of the others, and we liked them better than the red ones. Though there was this one notorious green plate that had orange tiny little round pieces on top and wrapped with seaweed that tasted so fishy. Hubby was first so enticed because of the color but felt really disgusted after trying it out.

Yellow Plate for 59php

The most that we’ve had were the yellow plates since they had the common sushi like salmon, tuna and those with veggies inside the roll. We liked this fried one, coated with egg, with some sort of sweet rice inside.

Blue Plate for 39php

We also had a couple of blue plates with some very simple sushi like Kani and Ebi. There was, again, this weird blue plate with something that we thought was Gyoza. We tried it out and found out that it was rice wrapped in something that has been fried. What’s not so nice was that the whole thing was drenched in a sweet liquid. Definitely not for me!

Their sushi buffet costs 399php. It’s actually better to get the buffet, if it’s your first time, since the per plate cost is quite expensive. For the little girl, we had to resort to ala carte since she won’t be able to eat sushi, though she was so excited to grab the plates on the conveyor belt! We ordered the below for her –-

Th deal has kiddie sized ebi and kani sushi, pork Yakiniku, French fries and some fried chicken skin. It also came with a glass of iced tea. Nothing really so special in this set. Cherienne did not pay much attention to it and she was rather interested in the different sushi coming from the conveyor belt. 

Sakae Sushi Mall of Asia

Surveying the place, you will notice that it is well-lit, clean and with comfortable chairs. Overall, this food adventure was not pleasant at all. We were not impressed with the taste and quality of sushi served in the buffet. It could be that they have a better selection during their peak hours, which is totally unfair. But their menu is proud and if ever we will decide in the future to dine there again, we will shy away from the buffet. If you want a sushi all you can treat, go to Sambokojin, Yakimix or better yet, go to Vikings.

---Sakae Sushi : G/F SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City

***you can also find them here:
---26th Cresent Park, BGC, Taguig City
---UG/F SM City North EDSA, Quezon City
---G/F Adriatico Wing, Robinson's Place Manila, Ermita, Manila

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