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Crepes and Waffles - Sweet and Savory Heaven in Colombia!

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 20 July 2012 | 11:25

In search for some comfort food to soothe my lonely heart while I was in Colombia (all alone), I checked the internet for the most recommended restaurants around Barranquilla. There were a couple of flashy ones but what got me interested was the one named Crepes and Waffles. I mean, come on! Who wouldn’t be enticed with crepes and waffles? The combo reminded me so much of childhood breakfast and childish cravings with hubby. Scanning through the internet pages, I was able to locate the one nearest my hotel. Not even thinking twice, I headed out to the mall and went right ahead in search for the restaurant. I was lucky to spot it right away.

Crepes and Waffles Barranquilla Colombia
Crepes and Waffles - Barranquilla, Colombia
Their space was quite large with an ice cream parlor greeting you as you draw near, a warmly lit intimate area to dine-in and a more relaxed and cozy space that’s not enclosed within the restaurant walls, overlooking the busy streets of Barranquilla. One of the crew gave me a menu with an enormous list of waffles, crepes and salad. They also have a separate menu, which was also proud, for helados (ice cream). Scanning through, I decided to get myself some crepe and waffles too.

French Connection Crepe
French Connection for 11,600 COP – 6.82USD
French Connection Crepe
Thick slices of ham and cheese inside!
Their menu was written in Spanish and since I am only acquainted with few Spanish words, I had a hard time deciding. What was clear was that I wanted to try out one of their classic crepes – Crepes Clasicos. So, looking at the menu, I decided to give French Connection a try. Generous servings of Jamon ahumado with Queso Ricotta stuffed inside a very light and melt in your mouth crepe goodness and served with a not so sweet syrup. This ham and cheese version of theirs was filling and oh so delish! The syrup blended well with the saltiness of the ham and the cheese making me finish my meal in what seemed like just a minute!

California Waffles
California for 6,100 COP – 3.59USD

Two mini waffles topped with fresh strawberry and banana slices and finished off with light and fluffy whipped cream and mint leaves to add some drama -- this creation was served so beautifully that it took me sometime to bring myself to taste it. Fresh fruits are hard to resist so I can only rave about the refreshing finish of this dish. I can have this every single day!

My subconscious gave me a high five as I walk out of the restaurant with a more than happy tummy. I know that there is nothing so extra ordinary or special about crepes and waffles. They are actually very easy to make and there is always a store somewhere in the corner of a mall in Manila that offers them. But having the chance to sample how Colombia offers them was the source of the high that I felt. It’s not everyday that you set foot in a foreign land that’s literally half way across the world!

Check out their website : http://crepesywaffles.com/

---Crepes & Waffles : Zona Norte, Centro Comercial Porta del Prado, Barranquilla, Colombia

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