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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 24 August 2012 | 22:13

My family loves to dine [out]. Most of it, due to the fact that I am a working mom with the on-the-go lifestyle, always wanting things done fast, quick -- instant. Living along East Service Road gave us the advantage of being near different places -- Makati (fifteen away from Magallanes), Taguig (notably BGC), Better Living, BF Homes and Alabang. When pressed for time or getting a wee bit late, we often just take a quick drive and several selections of food stops are readily waiting for us.

Just about last weekend, we woke up a nift longer from our afternoon nap coming from lengthy, tiring work. We were so past, not even a second more to bare. Cooking [and waiting for the food to be cooked] was not a very good option. We hurriedly hopped into the car and drove to the nearest of the near places -- Better Living. We coasted a little to check our selection and settled in this familiar place -- Eton's Cafe.

Eton's, just across Paranaque Doctor's Hospital where I have been admitted a couple of times in the past years is a place we were quite acquainted with. Their menu -- easy! So ordering food was such a futile task. We got there at around 10PM and the place was bustling, surprisingly packed. Nothing too special with the place... Everything was simple, even the menu, but the customer service was awesome! We checked their menu and ordered right away --

Chicken Ala King for 99php
This is, by far, the best Chicken ala King that I have tasted. Tender chicken chunks with carrots, green peas, mushrooms and corn kernels smack on top of white rice, poured with lovely, white sauce that was knockout creamy (with the right saltiness) and finished off with a generous heaping of grated cheese. One order is never enough!

Sisig Ala Eton's for 105php
Served in a sizzling plate with a raw egg on top, gently being cooked by the heat of the plate. Some green peppers sliced to the sides. And mayonnaise, normal yet adding to the flavor. Pork bits, tender and juicy with just the right saltiness. A rightful beer match but also a good meal on regular days.

Beef Mongolian for 105php
One veggie lover delight! Made from strips of tender beef, stir-fried with crunchy vegetables and sesame seeds to bring in just the right touch -- this dish is a sure-hit, healthy treat! The Mongolian sauce it was married to bought the right saltiness in its flavor.

Since I was oddly craving for crepe that night, maybe because I missed my Crepes and Waffles (the Colombia experience), I blindly ordered for crepes out of their menu. I wanted a meat version and hubby wanted a refreshing and fruity one [oddly so as he usually does not want sweets]. So we decided to try the following --

Ham and Cheese Crepe for 70php
I wasn't really awaiting for the same French Connection crepe I've had in Colombia with thick ham slices and Ricotta cheese but was merely craving for ham, ham, ham (in a crepe). The presentation was not as beckoning as it should be, but the taste will pass my expectations. Nothing too special about the crepe itself but my craving: satiated anyway -- thin slices of the usual Pinoy breakfast ham with tons of cheddar cheese. I think, if they  cut back on the cheese and tried to use ham from an elevated family brand, this piece could have been a showstopper.

Banana-Choco Crepe for 75php
Aside from strawberries, bananas are also a favorite of mine when talking about fruits (I mean, who isn't, right? *shrugs shoulders*). You can do all sorts of fun stuff to it. The ever-flexible banana, with ice cream, sliced, in wholes, with milk, fried and more. With chocolate and peanut butter, that, my friend, is the ultimate combo for me. Seeing this in their menu made me forget about all the other fruit crepes available. 

Watermelon Fruit Shake for 50php
One of the best watermelon fruit shakes in town! Made from fresh watermelon, ice and some sugar, this drink has this unusually refreshing finish. I have been trying to guess their secret ingredient [and the closest] I think that I have gone is that they add a hint of chili. Just my guess though. I have yet to find out.

Time and again, Eton's has been our most convenient go to food stop for delicious and affordable meals. The restaurant itself is simple, with pictures of Lara Quigaman all over. There was nothing grand with the furniture and fixtures but the staff were over-the-top and up-the-roof friendly and customer service-oriented. I am loving this all the way!

The counter
Everything is simple but definitely clean
Furniture and fixtures and a glimpse of the pictures on the wall
If you happen to pass by Better Living with a grumbling tummy, take the turn to Brgy. Don Bosco and hunt for Eton's Cafe (located just in front of Paranaque Doctor's Hospital). It will be worth your while. 

---Eton's Cafe : Dona Soledad Ave., Brgy. Don Bosco, Better Living Subd., Paranaque City


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