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The BonChon Craze

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 23 November 2012 | 19:08

BonChon has been in the food industry for quite some time now and seriously, who doesn't know about it? BonChon gained it's popularity because of it's chicken -- one of its kind when compared to the fast food chicken that's available in our country. People go gaga about BonChon but personally, I'm not a fan. I have only tried it twice -- the first time and the 'give-it-one-more-chance' time. I have to say that apart from the coating, nothing else is worth noting. I mean, the chicken meat itself is just bland and lacking of flavor (BonChon fans can kill me now :p).

Yesterday, while we were at ATC looking for a place to eat, we passed by BonChon and I decided to try something other than their chicken. So, rounding up their menu, we gave the following a spin ---

Crispy Fish Fillet Box for 145Php
Fish fillet wrapped in the same coating as their chicken, I'd say I liked this more. The fish meat was soft and really tasty. I would recommend this more than their chicken (or it could be that I am in a fish trance this days :p). The meal comes with rice and a glass of soda just right to match a quick craving.

Beef Bulgogi Wrap Box for 145Php
I was kind of  surprised when this was served. I never thought that the serving was that small. To think of it, your 145Php will give you the wrap with a drink, there ought to be some cross cutting that happened. Not the best Bulgogi Wrap there is but it was okay (if you are in a hurry and scrounging, this will suffice).

Chapchae for 75Php

The Bulgogi Brother's version is my standard, so there is nothing much to expect here. I mean, come on, this is fast food that we are talking about here. I'd be surprised if something was whipped up for 75Php that would meet up with other chapchae.

So there, as I expected, nothing really wow, new or extravagant in this visit. It was good to drop by and grab a few bites. Enough to give us our fill. But ultimately not going to be in my list of regular shops to visit. (I would certainly go back for their fish fillet -- if in case I remember.)

--- official website : http://www.bonchon.com.ph/

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