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Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 11 July 2013 | 17:09

I've been wanting to give Slice a visit for some time now but the forces of nature never cooperates. When in BGC, hubby and I would always end up somewhere too far or would get too full to grab some dessert. I remember that there was a time in Looloo where my feed was flooded with Slice cupcake pictures and would swear each time that I'll drop by very soon.

Finally, the long wait is over! After having a sumptuous meal in High Street Central, I left a lot of room for dessert. I wasn't keen in ordering any dessert from the restaurant where we had lunch, even if the kind staff offered several times. I just couldn't pass the chance to pay Slice a visit especially when we were too near.  

Entering the store was like entering a dreamland of all sweet and good things. Cookies of all sorts will greet you as you enter, enticing you to grab some. Then their clear glass display will give you an assortment of cupcakes and cakes. Oh boy! The sweet tooth in me just wouldn't hold back. Of course their Choco Yema Cupcake was on top of my list and then I added Red Velvet and Very Berry Cupcake.

Choco Yema Cupcake for 70Php
This was good, really really good! Moist chocolate cupcake with a rich and thick yema frosting. It's amazing how they were able to formulate a not too sweet yema frosting keeping all the goodness of yema intact. Oh my sweet tooth! Since their cupcakes were a little small, about 2oz. each, one was never enough for me. Good thing I ordered for two of these babies.

Counter display
I would love to check on how the cake version of the Choco Yema Cupcake would turn out. I know they won't really have any difference but, I've read reviews that it's better.

Red Velvet Cupcake for 80Php
This was just okay. Nothing special. It was a little dry, lacking the chocolate kick and was not velvety at all. Surprisingly, the frosting was not cream cheese. Though the frosting was not too sweet, was light and fluffy, I still like my red velvet adorned with cream cheese. Gah! I didn't even have a nice solo picture of this red velvet. Anyhow, it's obviously the farthest of the cupcakes on the plate.

Very Berry Cupcake for 80Php
One very berry big disappointment. It was dry and tasted like candy. Whatever they incorporated into the cupcake batter was plain artificial flavoring. To top it all up, the frosting was way too sweet. So you see, once you get yourself a bite or two, you'll feel the need for water.

Their Menu Board

Little buckets for the bill and change
Anyhow, I liked the interiors of the store and it's fancy furnishings. They also have a wide selection of dishes - from pasta to rice meals, all day breakfast list, sandwiches, coffee creations, some other frappes and smoothies. The place is also a good hang out spot for late night chitchats.

It's not a place I would want to go back to again and again but it's worth a second try.

--- Slice : High Street Central, BGC, Taguig City

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