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Written By clapalisoc on Sunday 16 June 2013 | 01:20

Homey, lovely and quaint - three words that I will always associate with this AFFORDALICIOUS hole in the wall!

It was a relaxed Saturday family date night and we were headed to QC to pick up my Cookie Butter orders. We would usually opt to meet people in Eastwood City but that night, I wanted a quiet and tucked away place. I searched the internet and found Old Oven Art Cafe.

The location was very familiar for us since we always pass by the area when I was still working in Cubao. I have had all the landmarks saved in my memory bank, ready to pop whenever the hubby would ask for directions. I was pretty confident - just beside BPI, across Petron and Pan de Amerikana. When we got in the area, Old Oven was no where to be found. I checked on the address again and found that it's located at the 2/F of a building! Hah! Gotcha!

The staircase, the door and a little something as you head out
You see, the door had a little signage and once you open it up, a stair case will greet you together with the pleasant smell of food being cooked. Once you've landed to the main space, a guest book will welcome you together with walls filled with art pieces - paintings, pictures and ornaments. It was as if you've just entered the receiving room of a bizarre old house. They even have this corner with cushioned seats, a center table and shelves filled with board games. Even the dining tables were allotted with different sorts of puzzles! It was just lovely.

We scanned their menu and had our pick ---

Tripple Lava Cheese Sandwich for 185 Php
A peek of the layers...
Ready for some ham and tuna?
Cheese overload! Three layers of thick tasty bread filled with a generous heaping of ham and tuna, with crisp lettuce, hint of mayo, sunny side up egg to top it off and sprinkles of herbs. It's then served swimming in cheese sauce! Too sinful! Don't underestimate this joe, it's packed and it's filling!

Chicken and Mushroom Risotto for 225 Php
Slow cooked Italian arborio rice with creamy sauce and lotsa chicken chunks and mushroom. It had the right saltiness to it and a welcome hint of basil. Hubby liked this so much!

Three Cheese and Garlic Pizza for 195 Php
It was simple but delish! Really thin crust pizza that was leaning towards the crunchy side, with three kinds of cheeses. It had the right garlic taste that wasn't too strong but married well with the cheeses and herbs. The little girl loved it!

We didn't order their best seller Philly Cheese Steak. I later found out from a friend that it was the same cheesesteak that he was promoting way back early Mercato Centrale days. Apparently, the owner (Kaye), started their business in Mercato selling mostly cheesesteaks. Luck never left their side and in time, they were able to save up enough to get them a restaurant. Great job!

The staircase that will lead you to the main space
The guest book - this is what you'll see as you reach the top of the staircase
They also sell some trinkets
I took a lot of pictures of the place simply because I was amazed with the concept and the manner that they have put each little piece together. There was even this window from their kitchen where cooked food were being ushered out and it then connects to the receiving counter via a stretch of wood across the staircase! There were also frames after frames of stamp collections! I'm a stamp collector myself, so imagine the joy I felt to those timeless pieces. Oh and did I mention that their washroom was lovely too?  Painted in a cool shade of green with ample lighting, you would want to stay there for hours!

The magic window!
Board games, mind games and Sungka too!
Art on their walls
A glimpse of what they serve
The lovely washroom... and their stamp collection!
Here is a 360 round about of the restaurant...

The view from where we were seated
The counter area and the area with some cushioned seats and board games
View from the area with board games
The corner, at the end of the window, was where we were seated
Full view of the huge glass window, overlooking Katipunan Ave.
The other side of the restaurant - more seating when you enter this part (didn't get to see further here)

Overall, it was a pleasant dining experience except for their ventilation that can use a little improvement. The place tends to get smoky and you'll end up going home smelling like food. But in any case, as long as they keep their prices at the current 150-250 range with such delish offerings then, I'm not complaining and will surely drop by again and again whenever we're around the area.


They also sell Trader Joe's products (Speculoos Cookie Butter, Speculoos Chocolate Bar and Chocolate Thins) and Biscoff Cookie Butter

--- Old Oven Art Cafe : 136 Katipunan Ave., St. Ignatius, Quezon City

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