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Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 25 May 2016 | 10:58

Are you a Green Tea Matcha fan? Do you enjoy the grassy bitter taste of Matcha? Then this place is a MUST VISIT for you! My dear matcha loving friends, Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe is a Matcha wonderland. They offer matcha-everything - parfait, cake, cheesecake, ice cream, soft serve ice cream, latte and even Matcha Ramen! Crazy, right?!?

Matcha Cafe
Matcha Heaven!

We had the chance to drop by the place on a weekend and I was one delighted Matcha-fanatic!

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Matcha Latte
Matcha Latte for 160Php

I got their hot Matcha Latte which came in with a cutie bunny latte art. Loved the balance between the milk and the matcha powder. It was earthy, a little bitter, grassy and so matcha-licious! The server said that they use organic milk. It was more like that of Starbucks but it wasn't as sweet.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Matcha Shortcake
Matcha Shortcake Slice for 170Php

Also got their Matcha Cake slice. Three thin layers of soft matcha cake with red bean and matcha cream in between. It was frosted with matcha buttercream. This cake didn't have a strong matcha taste but had added texture and flavor from the red beans. If you're looking for a more subtle matcha flavor, this one's perfect. It's also not too sweet but I wish that the cake layers were a little more thicker and firmer.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Matcha Parfait
Matcha Parfait for 190Php

My friends got their Matcha Parfait which had shaved ice, milk, corn flakes, sticky rice cake balls, red bean paste, nata de coco, matcha sponge cake cubes and the star of it all - the hefty scoop of Matcha ice cream! I was able to try the ice cream and it was good! Thick, creamy, smooth with a great milk to matcha ratio! Oh matcha heaven!

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Menu
Matcha Latte - Hot and Iced, Matcha Parfait and Matcha Shortcake! It's a Matcha feast!

They also offer Hojicha, which is another type of green tea. I've tried this before in Starbucks, when they offered it for a limited time. This type has a stronger earthy and bitter taste since the leaves are roasted.

Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe Matcha Latte Matcha Cake
Perfect Pair!

How I wish there's a Kissako branch in the south area so I can enjoy their Matcha creations often!

5 out of 5 Stars for Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe!

--- Kissako Uji Matcha Cafe: Pioneer Centre, Pioneer St. cor. Brixton St., Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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