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Japanese food is already deeply embedded into our local food scene. Our Filipino palate has adopted to the taste. Japanese restaurants offering different Japanese cuisine flares are everywhere! From high end restaurants offering premium sashimi and sushi to Ramen houses, restaurants offering yakitori, katsu, okonomiyaki, kakigori and fast food - we have them all!

If Donburi is your thing and you're always on the hunt for reasonably priced ones, fast food is your best bet. But sometimes, fast food is equated to mediocre. Even my favorite Japanese fast food restaurant has declined in terms of food quality over the years. Good thing I discovered TOKYO POWER RICE!

Tokyo Power Rice Bowls
Tokyo Power Rice (in Philippines) = Tokyo Chikarameshi (in Japan)!

Tokyo Power Rice is a franchise of Tokyo Chikarameshi that has about 12 branches in Japan. Brought into our local scene by the partnership of Tao Corporation and Sanko Marketing Foods, Tokyo Power Rice debuted in our country last July 2016. 

Went to their Pasong Tamo Extension restaurant on a Thursday afternoon to sample their dishes. Through a sponsored invite - Tokyo Power Rice x foodfanaticph - I had the chance to meet their Japanese partners too! Warmly welcomed by their staff and Arashi Foods' Operations Manager, Isa Amarra, we had an afternoon filled with delicious food and non-stop stories!

Tokyo Power Rice PH
Let's start the feast!

Tokyo Power Rice specializes in Donburi and their menu revolves around their namesake rice bowls. Most of their ingredients are imported from Japan including their bowls and plates and other kitchen utensils! With Japanese Chefs flying in to do quality checks, they assure satisfaction with each bowl that comes out of their kitchen.

We started our feast with their Tokyo Rice Bowls: Grilled Beef, Grilled Beef with Cheese, Grilled Pork and Ebi Tendon

Grilled Beef Power Rice from Tokyo Power Rice
Grilled Beef Power Rice for 165Php

This is their signature bowl. Simple but I promise that it's worth every spoonful. On a bed of warm Japanese rice were thin strips of tasty and well seasoned beef, tender and well marinated with just the right trimmings of fat. 

Grilled Beef Power Rice from Tokyo Power Rice
A closer look at all the beefy goodness in this bowl!

The hint of smoky flavor from the grilling process was something that I liked. It made this Japanese rice bowl different from the usual.

Grilled Beef with Cheese from Tokyo Power Rice
Grilled Beef with Cheese for 135Php

This bowl is my favorite because of, well, the cheese topping! The same Grilled Beef on top of warm Japanese rice, this time it's topped with a hefty serving of mozzarella, cheddar and some cheese powder. Loved how the cheese made this bowl extra special!

Grilled Pork with Vegetables from Tokyo Power Rice
Grilled Pork with Vegetables for 150Php

This bowl reminded me so much of our local Liempo, only in a rice topping form. The pork belly slices were tender and well seasoned, juicy with a nice grilled taste. 

Grilled Pork with Vegetables from Tokyo Power Rice
A closer look at these gorgeous slices of pork belly!

The warm Japanese rice was topped with an assortment of veggies then topped with the meat. I liked the slightly sweet and salty sauce that this bowl was drizzled with.

Ebi Power Tendon from Tokyo Power Rice
Ebi Power Tendon for 250Php

Rice bowls with shrimps usually include just three pieces of this well-loved seafood. But this Ebi Tendon from Tokyo Power Rice has four plump and juicy shrimps, wrapped in a light and crisp batter! What I liked about this dish was the tasty Tendon Sauce that went well with the shrimps.

All of their rice bowls are served a la carte. For an additional of 15Php, you'll get a bowl of Miso Soup. If you want to add a drink as well, go for the 30Php upgrade that will give you a glass of iced tea plus Miso soup.

Aside from the rice bowls, they also have Curry Dishes and Saute Set Meals. We tried the Pork Tonkatsu Curry and Tori Karaage Set.

Pork Tonkatsu Curry from Tokyo Power Rice
Pork Tonkatsu Curry for 250Php (Regular) | 300Php (Large)

A big serving of Pork Tonkatsu, crisp breading with a nice golden brown color, this was served with a generous portion of Japanese Curry that wasn't overwhelming. The meat was tasty and decent. This was okay for me since I'm not a Katsu fan but the husband liked this.

Tori Karaage Set from Tokyo Power Rice
Tori Karaage Set for 300Php

This set comes with miso soup and your choice of soda or iced tea. It has five pieces of Chicken with a light and crunchy breading. Each piece was properly seasoned, tasty, without the need for any condiments or sauces. 

Tokyo Power Rice is housed in the same building as Tao Corporation along Pasong Tamo Extension. It's quite easy to miss the place but they will soon put a huge signage for added visibility. The place was spacious and has an open kitchen where you can see their chefs in action! According to Isa, they usually get full house during lunch. They also have a good following from Japanese businessmen! 

Aren't their prices so easy on the pocket? If you have a big appetite, you can  request for a large size of any of their bowls!

We definitely loved our Tokyo Power Rice experience and I'm sure we will be back very soon! 

4 out of 5 Stars for Tokyo Power Rice!

--- Tokyo Power Rice: 2291 Chino Roces Avenue Extension, Magallanes, Makati City

***you can also find them here: Ground Floor, Entertainment Mall, Mall of Asia Complex (MOA), Pasay City

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