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Written By clapalisoc on Monday 6 February 2012 | 20:51

I remember the first time I saw Sebastian's was in a magazine back in early 2011 -- the Baking Press. It got me so enticed to read the article just because of the inviting pictures and the exceptional ice cream creations it beckons on its board of wonders. Imagine, your local favorites being served cold -- Flavors overflowing such as tiboktibok, champorado, mangga't suman and buko pie! It got me hunting for the store...

First, I checked out the Alabang area since [according to my research] they have one within the Alabang Town Center. I was unfortunate, however, as that branch already closed down (a total epic fail). I've also seen several advertisements about it at the Mercato page but for odd and unknown reasons, I never got the chance to try it (frustrating, being the sweet tooth that I was). 

Not until much later, while we were at the Podium doing a bit of shopping, that I remembered Sebastian's can also be found there (it was like treasure when I had located the shop!). It was very easy to find, and much after having a couple of SWs for a quick and simple break at Subway, we strutted ourselves right down to Sebastian's for some dessert.

Sebastian's Podium
The store was an open space with about two or three tables, and some chairs just by the selection of ice cream flavors (which was not much). I checked out their delectable offerings and instantly fell in love (it was at first sight) with their Chilly Burgers! A thick, generous serving of ice cream, sandwiched right in between tasty cookies, these brought about memories of my childhood favorite -- Tivoli, the ice cream sandwich. 

Fudge Truffle Burger for 130php
Made with Sebastian's Vanilla ice cream, along with a thick chocolate fudge center, sandwiched smack in the middle of two nicely made chocolate chip cookies and finished by being rolled over cocoa powder, this one is a knockout especially for Vanilla ice cream lovers (like hubby)!

It was a quick stop so we didn't really have much luxury of time to try some more cold treats. But since I was really eager to try some more, [days after the Podium experience] hubby brought me to yet another Sebastian's store right over at the Mall of Asia. Here they have a full store, which is an enclosed area, with comfortable couches, a cozy feeling of hanging out and more ice cream flavors to choose from.

Sebastian's MOA


Since I never really got over their Chilly Burgers, so I gave another flavor a shot -- the Midnight Truffle Burger. Rich chocolate ice cream (very creamy and chocolatey indeed!), with that gooey chocolate fudge center, sandwiched in chewy dark chocolate cookies and rolled into dark cocoa -- sweet heaven for chocolate lovers (and that's me!). I would really have to declare that this piece got me and even my hubby [who is not so much of a chocolate fan]!

Midnight Truffle Burger for 130php

We also tried one of their unique flavors -- Once in a Blue Moon. Made from rich cheese ice cream with chunks of soft blue cheese (not for the untrained gastro). It's recommended to drizzle away with Palawan honey and chopped walnuts right to its perfection. We did not opt for the walnuts but tried the Palawan Honey. Verdict -- blue cheese in all it's goodness! What's so amazing about this is that the rough and somewhat bitter aftertaste of blue cheese was quite intact (which I think was what I was looking for and where my blue cheese addiction came about). Blue Cheese is definitely not a crowd favorite, and it's a matter of acquired taste, but Sebastian's did a very good job with this work of genuis!

Once in a Blue Moon - Regular for 125php
Blue Cheese Ice Cream with Palawan Honey

Sebastian's is definitely one of the best Artisan Ice Cream Makers in our country. It somehow reminded me of Ben and Jerry's because of it's brave and bold play with flavors. I will definitely come back for more and is thrilled to try their Pinoy flavored ice cream. I'll see you again Sebastian's!

--- Sebastian's Ice Cream : 4/F Podium Mall, Ortigas Center
--- Sebastian's Cold Comfort and Ice Cream Parlor : 2/F New Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia, Pasay City (Near IMAX)

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  1. WOWWWW. I got to your site looking for Papa John's reviews. Now I want Sebastians Ice Cream!

  2. Hey Allison! You should really try Sebastian's :D You will go back for more!


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