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Everything Green Tea : Arizona Green Tea and More!

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 19 October 2012 | 20:44

In line with my life long quest to hunt for green tea goodness in the market, I have always kept my eyes (extra) wide open whenever we go out. In restaurants, in grocery stores, in pastry shops or anywhere food can be seen. An opportunity to sample yet another Green Tea creation brings so much joy in my heart. Yes, I am a die-hard Green tea fanatic and I don’t ever want to let go of that.

It was a fine Sunday morning and we were in Rustan’s Ayala doing our regular grocery round-up. This is, by the way, my favorite grocery store because it has a lot of good and rare finds and it is never crowded (I know S&R is a good choice too but I'm not a member :p). As I wander from aisle to aisle, hubby got so excited as we approached the grab and go drinks section. He hurriedly introduced me to this brand of drink, that was introduced to him in the US. It offers all natural ingredients with no preservatives – ARIZONA. My eyes glistened at the sight of different varieties of Green Tea! It was love at first sight (*blushing*). What’s even more interesting about this brand is their packaging – colorful and artistic! And so, I grabbed every Green Tea variety I saw and hubby grabbed some other tea variants.

Their Green Tea variants - with Ginseng & Honey, Diet version with Ginseng and Pomegranate.

I personally love the packaging of their Green Tea with Ginseng & Honey because of the color and the Cherry Blossoms. To visit Japan and see their Cherry Blossom Festival in one thing that is included in my "must do before I die" check list.

They package their drinks in different ways – in glass bottles, in plastic containers, in cans and in tetra packs. Other than plain tea, ARIZONA also offers fruit juices, combination of tea and fruit juice and punches. Each one proved to be refreshing with no hint of artificial flavors. You would not get too much sweetness out of their teas and their fruit juices do not mar when spilled in clothes (which, I believe, is an indication that they do not use food coloring). Out of all the variants that we have tried, only their PiƱacoladas did not hit the thumbs up mark (at least for me).

Some of their other tea variants - I really like the Raspberry one, reminds me so much of Snapple. The Blueberry White Tea is a bit sour.

Half and Half is my favorite non-Green Tea variant. The blend of Lemon juice with their signature brewed tea is just perfectly refreshing!

 Here are their fruit juices - they are equally refreshing and tasty too! They also have a mango version but I haven't tried it yet. BTW, their Fruit Punch is my favorite!

Hubby likes these buddies but I personally do not.

 Aside from their glass and plastic bottle packaging, they also have canned versions...

and Tetra packs too :)

In case you drop by any Rustan’s grocery store, try to look for ARIZONA in their stands. It’s worth the try! You can also find these in Shopwise, S&R and a couple of variants are available in Metro Supermarkets. And oh! Just recently, I found these babies in Krispy Kreme stores too.


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  1. how much per bottle? and get an s&r membership, ayaw mo? the kids love the pizza, roast chicken and pastries sold there (syempre pagkain pa rin)

  2. Aimee: nasa 50-80 pe bottle. kukuha na nga ko ng S&R card kasi may 1 gallon daw ng Arizona dun! aahhaha :p

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