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Sen Lek Thai Noodles

Written By clapalisoc on Saturday 20 October 2012 | 17:06

My blog page has been silent for quite some time now. How I wish I could blog all day and all night long. Balancing work load and family life has been a challenge recently, putting a toll on my blogging rights. I have also discovered a new stress reliever, bringing tons and tons of joy into my life – baking. Yes, I have been busy baking - experimenting with flour, chocolate, nuts, flavorings, frosting and many other sweet treats. Despite of these, my love for dining out and blogging never died out. I actually have A LOT to blog about so, let me get started!

It was an unusual Sunday for me and my family since I had work scheduled over the weekend. Instead of complaining, hubby and I decided to make the most out of the time left. Right after work, I headed home and made some breakfast. I then got into baking - a batch of brownies and butterscotch. With so much delight in my heart, Sunday Service followed. When it was time to pack my baked goodies, I realized that I already run out of packaging supplies (since these were orders I got throughout the week). We hurried our way to BF Homes to refill my supplies “cabinet” and to hunt for a restaurant to fill our rumbling tummies.

Since I was craving for some Pad Thai, Thai resto is the way to go. Sen Lek was just the perfect place. You really don’t have a lot of options here but the ever so popular Thai dishes were present – Pad Thai, Chicken Pandan, Thai Bagoong, Curry, Thai noodles, Tom Yum and Spring Rolls.

Pad Thai for 90php
First on my list, of course, was Pad Thai. When it was served, I was so giddy excited that I grabbed my chopsticks right away and almost dove into it before remembering to take a snap shot. The burst of all sorts of flavors married with the characteristic chewy and sticky noodles was just what I wanted. The tamarind based sauce had the right sourness that was enhanced by the saltiness of the fish sauce and the citrus kick of the lime slice. The dish was served with crushed peanuts and strips of egg on top. My craving was totally satisfied!

Thai Bagoong Rice for 120php
Looking at their menu, I found yet another favorite Thai dish of mine – Thai Bagoong. Rice, stir-fried in Bagoong paste and fish sauce, topped with strips of scrambled egg, served with tender chunks of meat that have been marinated with awesome Thai sauce with thin strips of green mango on the side. The serving was little but was big in taste! I still prefer the Zuppa CafĂ© (in Eastwood City) version though.

Green Curry Chicken for 120php
Hubby got himself some curry – Green Curry Chicken. Served with rice, this dish was over the top spicy! Hubby is not so much of a fan of spicy food, primarily because he tends to perspire a lot --- I mean a WHOLE LOT! Most curry based food are not so spicy but then we realized that it’s not every day that we get to see green curry in a menu – this was actually our first time to try it out! The dish, however, was made from rich coconut milk, tender pork strips and an assortment of greens like beans and ampalaya.

Thai Spring Roll for 70php
Hubby also ordered some Thai Spring Rolls – perfectly fried spring rolls that were crunchy on the outside and filled with an assortment of refreshing ingredients inside! If my taste buds served me right that day, the spring rolls were made up of clear noodles, mushrooms, an assortment of veggies and some oyster sauce. The order came with a chili based dip.

Special Siopao for 35php
Thai Iced Coffee and Thai Iced Tea for 50php each
Hubby also ordered for a special Siopao (he just felt like the Siopao was calling him). For drinks, hubby got himself some Thai Iced Coffee while I ordered for Thai Iced Tea (which I knew will be a milk tea version just by looking at the picture) for my tea fix for the day. Thai Iced Tea has this characteristic deep orange color and a bitterly rich brewed tea after taste. A certified tea lover will not mistake it for anything else. As much as I want to describe how the Iced Coffee tasted, I simply could not because the hubby enjoyed his drink too much that when I was about to sample it, it was all drained out! Pft!

The counter area
Furniture, fixtures and some of the Thai ornaments
The dining space
The restaurant was simple, with a lot of Thai inspired ornaments and comfortable seating. It was a “Pay as You Order” type of eatery with their simple menu plastered over the counter.

Additional offerings
Overall, it was a value-for-money lunch. Delicious Thai dishes at very affordable prices. The resto interior was clean with the right dining temp. It was not too classy but it was decent and upscale considering their menu was very affordable.

Sen Lek, I just know that we will meet again and again.

---Sen Lek Thai Noodles:  El Grande, cor Tropical Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City
***you can also find them here:
---Hobbies of Asia, Diosdado Macapagal Blvd., PICC Reclamation Area, Pasay City
---Coastal Mall, Roxas Blvd., Villamor Airbase, Pasay City
---SM Makati, Ayala Ave., Ayala Center, Makati City

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  1. I've been eyeing the resto for some time now, since we've frequented BF for their korean supermart (fan sina mommy ng korean ice cream!). nice to see you've tried and reviewed this resto, will recommend it to the fam next time we're in BF :)

  2. i like their thai noodles w/ soup :D


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