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Donday Korean Restaurant - not my type of Korean

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 29 October 2012 | 05:42

It was a fine Monday as we cruise by NLEX on our way back to Manila from our weekend vacation in my hometown - Tarlac City. We were nearing being famished but since we packed on some bread goodies, we managed to get by. As we enter Manila, hubby asked me where I would like to have lunch. As I scan my memory bank, I remembered this Korean resto that offers all-you-can-eat Samgyupsal and other Korean dishes. It was a dream come true - Samgyupsal 'til you drop! After sending some text messages to ask for directions, we found the place - Donday Fresh Restaurant.

Donday Fresh Maginhawa
Donday FRESH Restaurant
Donday Fresh Maginhawa
Open air with no AC
Looking at the restaurant from the outside, it has this not so appealing look. But, as they say, don't judge the book by it's cover. We got in and realized that it was not as bad as we thought. It was the MinSok kind of place or if you're looking for a more familiar comparison, the authentic Chinese restaurants in Binondo would do. There was nothing grand to expect but the place was spacious though with the buffet table in the middle. 

Donday Fresh Maginhawa

Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet
The buffet table - some Korean fried side dishes
Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet
More fried stuff
Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet
For your Samgyupsal
Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet
Kimchi and some salad
Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet
Chilis, onions and garlic and soup on the other pic
As soon as we settled down, the waiter readily offered thin strips of pork belly for the Samgyupsal. Hubby got his share of the buffet, shying away from the Korean dishes so he can concentrate on the Samgyupsal first. I did the same and added some Japchae for the little girl. I had some share of the Japchae but noticed that it was rather dry and seems like it has been sitting in the buffet table for a while. Nonetheless, they had most of the side dishes and Samgyupsal essentials that I was looking for. As we enjoyed the first leg of the buffet treat (oh we love Korean food!), I got up to refill our plates. As hubby motioned for the waiter to give us yet another serving of meat, he noticed something odd on his tofu square - icky wicky roachy leg! He immediately asked me to check it out and take a snapshot! It was, ladies and gentlemen, a cockroach leg. I immediately pulled the plate of Japchae from my little girl and asked hubby to stop eating. I lost my appetite in an instant! Yes, I know I know, we've eaten quite a bit already though we were just half full (we are heavy eaters!). But, seeing such would really halt any rumbling tummy!

Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet Cockroach
Roach leg on the tofu square!
I called the attention of one of the waiters and asked for the owner of the restaurant. I was informed that the Korean couple who just arrived were the owners. I asked if I can talk to them and when the waiter asked why, I showed them the roach leg comfortably sitting on top of the tofu square. He immediately took the plate and hurried his way to the kitchen. When I asked for the owners again, another waiter informed me that they were not in the country and were in Korea. The waiter explained that the Korean couple were not the REAL owners. So, I asked for the name of the owner, took a picture of their business permit and asked for the owner's contact number. I complained until I can't complain anymore. They didn't even apologize and even asked us to pay for our bill! I was so frustrated and disappointed I almost did not want to pay for what we've had! 

Donday Fresh Maginhawa Buffet
The only servings I've had!
There have been a lot of restaurants that we've been to - classy and almost carinderia type ones BUT this was the first time that we have encountered such. I thought restaurants now have been very conscious about the cleanliness of their place and more so of their food, but I guess not. Seeing that roach leg makes me wonder about how they prepare their food and how they store their left overs afterwards. I am very sure that if I raid their kitchen (dreaming of doing it with Hell's Kitchen Chef, Gordon Ramsay), more yucky stuff will be revealed! Imagine, that roach leg have been there since we got in since the resto was not full and they were yet to refill the plates in the buffet table.  Imagine what more can be discovered in their other dishes if scrutinized - where are the other cockroach parts? 299php for a buffet is cheap BUT is not a reason for the quality of what is being served to be sacrificed. What's even more surprising was the way we were handled - it was as if they have been through that kind of situation several times already.

We are not so going back to this place. No mercy and no seconds for such cleanliness issues. I will never risk the health of my loved ones ever again. I guess this is more of an eye opener for me - to be extra careful with not so good looking restaurants. I might be judgemental sounding but I care more about our health.

It's ironic that they call their restaurant a FRESH RESTAURANT. Oh well, I guess they do serve fresh stuff.

Donday NO MORE!!!


I have not been paid by a competition to write this blog. I am merely sharing my experience here. Oh I can't wait for Marriott Hotel's Luxe Buffet!

---Donday Fresh Restaurant : Malingap St. Teachers' Village, Quezon City

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  1. oh my i've had a similar experience from a known resto with "boodle servings" i actually enjoyed the food and the staff were nice...however when we went home as i immediately transferred the food we had wrapped to go i notice a huge roach leg on the rice....and the sinigang na baboy which we barely touched having the veggies only and the broth--i was happy to see pa naman because there were plenty of pork cutlets... when i opened the contents--we lost most of the pork in it..:( haissst!!!!

  2. Hi Carmen!

    For me, there is no excuse for cleanliness when you are in the food industry. I mean, these restos should take their business seriously! Sometimes it makes me sad that quality is compromised for price... :(


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