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Banana Milk Tea - Summer Perfect!

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 19 March 2013 | 15:04

It was a fine Sunday afternoon and we were in the Cubao area for a birthday party. We had a sumptuous early dinner Chinese food treat from one of our relatives. We were so full yet, my sweet tooth was craving for some dessert. I mean, I was able to much on SEVERAL buchi but they didn't really qualify as desserts, at least for me. 

ChaTime - Ali Mall
Girly and Posh!

Since we were in Ali Mall and the hubby parked all the way in SM, we needed to take a hike just to get to the car. Along the way, my eyes took on a double time scanning the stores we were passing by for a good sweet find. Main target : milk tea or pastries. Out of no where, ChaTime popped out! Just like in Makati, it was located along the Sky Walk, between Ali Mall & SM. The space was so inviting - girly lounge with purple, pink & white as their theme. They've got cutesy lamps and fancy looking couches. The hubby and the little girl left me all alone in the counter and found their way to the couches. I usually order their Matcha Red Bean Milk Tea but since I was feeling the summer heat and wanted some tropical kind of refreshment, I opted for my next ChaTime favorite - Banana Milk Tea. 

Banana Milk Tea (L) - 90php

Silky smooth milk blended with tea and banana goodness! I usually ask for 50% sugar but this time I wanted it to be a little sweeter than before -75%. Also, I never go for pearls with this drink. I feel that pudding is more appropriate (feeling ko lang naman!). I believe their banana flavor is just the syrup type but still is refreshing. Could be better, I think, if they will use fresh bananas but then I don't know if that's possible at all. Maybe if it's a smoothie type? Anyway... It's one perfect way to enjoy milk tea on a hot summer day!

--- ChaTime : Sky Walk, Ali Mall, Cubao Quezon City

***they can be seen in a lot of places! check out MunchPunch for an almost complete list :)

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