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CPK - Take Two

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 15 March 2013 | 16:52

Finally! The chance to "formally" blog. I have been blogging, all along, in this new found iphone app called Looloo. It's more like FourSquare but this lets you write a review of your dining experience and rate it, from 1 star to 5 stars. With my very busy and tiring, office & home life I never got the chance to actually open up a PC for leisure/pleasure purposes. It has always been me and my phone for FB and other social medias and the PC was used primarily for office even if I was already home. Good thing, I got out of that situation and is some sort of a bum right now.

In one of my recent adventures, my friend and I decided to take some time off our busy schedules and go out on a Friday night. We were actually planning to go to IHOP but because of the very very long wait time, we decided to go for the stores on either sides. PF Chang's was also packed and so we were left with CPK. 

I've been to CPK in Makati before and I swear we had a great time - very attentive servers, good ambiance and good food. 

To start with, the servers were friendly and all. But as the crowd grew, they became less attentive, not even sparing a shy smile. Anyway, we just wanted to hangout and no big meals planned ahead. 

We got the following --

Lettuce Wrap - Chicken for 595php

Since I was craving for PF Chang's version, Chicken Lettuce Wrap was what I wanted, soooo bad! After about 10 minutes from the time we ordered, the server came back and informed us that the veggie mix used for the wrap was still frozen and would take time before being ready to hit the fire. He convinced me to change my order but I was firm and willing to wait. My friend and I had a lot of catching up to do anyway.

After what seemed like an hour, our orders came in. I immediately got a crisp cup of iceberg lettuce, a spoonful of the chicken filling (minced chicken with Shiitake mushrooms, water chestnuts and scallions) and their sauce, wrap it up and took a bite. It was sour and the veggie mix was too soggy! I still managed to finish it. I then made another wrap, leaving the sauce behind because it could be the only sour component. Took a bite but was still disappointed. Very very very far, in terms of taste & quality, from PF Chang's version.  What's weird was that their sauce should have been a spicy soy-ginger sauce but was not spicy at all.

I was so disappointed that I just feasted on my watermelon shake that was the only good thing served - fool proof. 

Seafood Pomodoro for 575

Spinach Fettuccine pasta in a tomato and basil, cream based sauce. It had a medley of seafood - calamari, shrimp and mussels - with button mushrooms, yellow bell pepper and Parmesan. It was just okay. Nothing grand about it. It was served with garlic bread and a slice of lemon, giving it a citrusy kick.

The drinks we got were refreshingly nice!

Strawberry Smoothie
Chocolate Banana Smoothie
Watermelon Shake

I'm not sure if I'll ever go back in this branch again buy I am definite that I'll NEVER order their Chicken Lettuce Wrap EVER again!

---California Pizza Kitchen: W Global Center 30th Street Corner 9th Ave.. Bonifacio Global City, Taguig City

***check out their website for other locations : http://www.cpk.com.ph/locations.php

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