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Madeca - Mexican Fusion

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 27 August 2013 | 11:34

From the first time I saw the Sisig Burrito from one of my Looloo friend's review of Madeca, I knew I won't forget about it. The picture looked so enticing & tempting, aside from the fact that I love sisig.

Since we were headed to Podium to meet some fabulous friends (frabs, if you'll allow me), I decided for us to settle in Madeca. I originally wanted to try WildFlour but as usual, it was packed. Madeca's space was small and open, but was nicely decorated - just plain white side walls, wooden tables and chairs and then complimented with colorful pillows. I liked it!

It was a self-service kind of place where you order at the counter and wait for your food to be served. We got the following ---

Sisig Nachos - around 200php
Sisig Nachos  - Crispy nachos smothered with a generous heaping of Sisig, salsa, cheese and green chili - it was just soooo good! The nachos were not the usual dark yellow to mustard color with black specks, they were thinner and almost white. The meat pieces were tender and had the right amount of fat trimmings. The base sauce was thick and flavorful and the overall saltiness was just right. I wanted to scream for some rice!

Lechon Kawali Burrito for 245php
Lechon Kawali Burrito - HIGHBLOOD ALERT!!!  It was packed and was tight! The tortilla was nice and soft and it was filled with flavorful dark yellow rice with lotsa Lechon Kawali pieces that were crunchy! As expected, there was fat overload here from the Lechon Kawali but it was just so tasty and oh so good! Best when smothered with their salsa and their sour cream sauce!

Chicken Burrito for 225php
Chicken Burrito -  Hubby's choice! I say I liked the Lechon Kawali version more but this one is definitely high blood friendly! It was as well tight and packed, with generous strips of tender and tasty chicken.

Honestly, after the first half of my burrito and a couple mouthfuls of the Sisig Nachos, I needed to give up. I felt all the fat crawl into my system giving me a high blood-ish feeling. I needed to give hubby half of my Lechon Kawali and got his other half of Chicken.

Watermelon Paletas for about 70-80php
To cleanse my palette, and since the daughter requested for ice cream, we ordered for their Paletas - fruit Popsicle. We got the watermelon flavor. It was placed in a brown paper bag and was surprised to see that they source out their Popsicles from Sebastian's! Yay! The watermelon flavor was well preserved, with hints of mint. Worked well to sooth my salt and fat infused taste buds.

Madeca serves good food but it's not a place that I would instantly think of for some fast Mexican food fix. There was just too much fat in our orders that satiated my taste buds.

---Madeca: 5th Floor, The Podium, ADB Avenue, Ortigas Centre, Mandaluyong City

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