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Everything Green Tea : Green Tea Latte from Starbucks

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 28 August 2013 | 12:15

Gloomy weather + loving husband + hot Green Tea Latte... What's not to love about today?

Signature Iced Choco for him & Green Tea Latte for her
SB Card for him & her
It was my first time, after years, to opt for a hot drink rather than a frappe. Not so sure if the Green Tea Latte has been in their menu for ages but it was the first time I noticed it! Since I have the SB Card and was able to register, I got a grande for free! Whiw! Then I got the hubby his own card but since I'm poor, I only managed to get him 500 load and used it up for his drink. 

[Flashback to some weeks ago]

Starbucks PH Card
When the SB Card was officially launched to the public, hubby and I tried to get one but we got so unlucky since their systems were down that time. They had this tempting promo : Load 1500php into your card and get 300php for free. It was for a very limited time. Hubby, managed to get me a card and I could not be happier! Yay!

[Onto the current time]

Grande Green Tea Latte
I needed to open the lid to check on color of the hot Matcha tea. There it was - very rich moss green color, very rich in aroma with that roasted bitter smell which was so addictive! It was frothy and my imagination said that it looked like it had chocolate in it - green tea matcha chocolate, not a bad idea! One sip and I fell in love. Yay! It was just so good! Creamy, rich and not too sweet. The Matcha flavor was strong but it blended so well with the milk. I can drink this every single day!!!!

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