BEAN THERE, Done That!

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 8 November 2013 | 04:28

It was a much anticipated day - finally, our schedules met! Me and my college girls planned for this "catch up afternoon" for weeks, debating where to meet up, where to eat, when and at what time. Several suggestions were made until our schedules met and agreed on where to go and what to do.

We met up in Rob Place Manila, our flagship mall when we were in college. I was with the hubby and little girl but they had their own agenda for the afternoon. We planned on having an all girls session that day, leaving the husbands behind. As planned, after some catching up with the hubbies, we headed for Bean There Cafe. It was tucked away in a building along the used to be very quiet streets of Bocobo, just right outside Rob Midtown. My friend, Aimee, said that it's a nice place to hang out and chit-chat since it's quite secluded and privy. She used to camp here during her med days.

When we got there, there were a couple of med students studying. The place was not big but was spacious. It was indeed a quiet place. So quiet that our chit-chat became the only noise that later on became irritating to students who were seriously studying. What can we do? We missed each other so much! There was even a section that was a little elevated, carpeted, with white board and a stack of small tables and bean bags on the side. Great! Perfect setting for studying. It's as if you were just in your living room.

Bean There Cafe - Malate
We knew we will be staying there for the rest of the afternoon. We had a lot of catching up to do. We checked on their menu and I ordered their Pesto Pasta and their best selleing coffee concoction - Mocha Java. 

Pesto Pasta for 130php
The pasta was al dente, oil based and with a strong smell of pesto - just like how I wanted my pesto. However, it lacked some serious saltiness. Could be because they just topped it with some cheddar cheese instead of the usual parmesan. I dashed it off with salt, according to my taste, and the pesto kick came out. The serving was huge but could have been a knockout if there was more garlic, some chopped nuts and parmesan cheese. In any case, the price was student friendly so I shouldn't expect too much.

Mocha Java Frappe - Grande for 150php
Then the coffee. It didn't have the strong Starbucks coffee kick to it. It was ice blended and had a little watery taste. It was, however, chocolaty and had hints of Java Chips in it. Also, it was served in a towering clear glass. Whoaw! That was a lot of coffee! I underestimated their grande size! I was thinking Starbucks' Grande.

Anyway... We were there for about 4 hours and the staff didn't mind at all. We chatted the afternoon away. 

The place was just so comfy and homey! They've got a lot of charging ports too and free wifi. The place tends to get packed with students towards the latter part of the afternoon. While we were reminiscing college memories and sharing the latest about our lives, we can see them busy students flashing sharp looks on us! Yeah we were loud and crazy but we didn't care. I'm sure they all felt relieved when we left! :p

--- Bean There Cafe : 2/F Altra Center, J Bocobo St., Malate, Manila

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