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The society has become health conscious. With the flare of restaurants here and there, more and more people are opting to eat out than cook hearty meals at home. From gourmet to hole-in-the-wall, from fine dining to fast food, Asian to Western, European to Mediterranean, ice cream houses, yogurt places, milk tea stops, pastries and dessert stores and most notorious of all - buffet, the food industry has become radical when it comes to advertising and promotions. I'm one "victim" of all these. Unable to tame the foodie in me most times, we end up eating out more than you can imagine.

Restaurants promoting healthy eating and organic food, entrepreneurs capitalizing on calorie conscious packed meals and all natural juices for cleansing have been sprouting like mushrooms here and there. One in particular, that's a first of it's kind, is located along Pasong Tamo Extension - Juju Eats. Known for all natural, freshly pressed juices, Juju Cleanse started it's own Salad Restaurant this year.

Juju Eats
After all the fuzz and buzz about Juju Eats, we were finally able to try them out. We had several attempts before but it's either we came in late and they were already closed or we didn't have a space to park even after waiting for ages. Today, we got lucky with parking space. The guard magically allowed us to use one of the other company's parking slots! NICE!

The place was packed even at 2PM. I hurriedly checked their most loved dishes in Looloo and had my orders - Ay Caramba wrap and half of their Crispy Catfish Salad. Then I suggested for hubby to get their Pesto Pasta Salad.

Minutes later, we had 3 aluminum bowls in our table. Great idea to ensure that your salad is well mixed and will not spill.

Ay Caramba! Wrap for 145php
I liked the Ay Caramba! wrap. It was tight, packed with their house mix of greens, chicken chunks, red kidney beans, roasted red pepper, pickled jalapeno, corn, cheddar, salsa and their spicy Ay Caramba! dressing. Man, it was good!. It was spicy too but was tolerable. I loved the freshness of the greens. More like a Burrito, minus all the carbs from rice.

Crispy Catfish Salad - half for 145php
Love the green canvass and the splash of other colors!
Then there was the Crispy Catfish Salad! Yay! I can eat this every day! Seriously, I can! Love the fresh and crisp greens, the green mango strips, cashew nuts, crispy Catfish pieces, basil, onions, my favorite cilantro and most of all, the Nam Plaa dressing! It was a vinaigrette that was definitely on the sour side but had some sweetness in it too! Best salad I've had in my life.

Pesto Pasta - Regular for 205php
Hubby got their Pesto Pasta. I like my pesto dishes with strong kick of basil. This did not have that but the freshness of the ingredients and the effect of the cheese made it all better! Fusilli pasta, corn, french beans, black olives, cherry tomatoes and a ton of freshly grated parmesan cheese. Toss in some bacon and gosh, the best! The little girl loved this bowl! Thanks to the cherry tomatoes that it was generously mixed with!

Everything was deliciously healthy and affordable too! I can see myself going back and trying out their Summer Salad, their Greek Salad, some more of the Crispy Cat Fish Salad and oh their freshly pressed juices!

You can also try to mix and match their toppings and dressings, choose if you'll get them with greens or pasta or even a wrap. Thousands of combinations possible! Yay! Whatever you like!

--- Juju Eats : BCS Bldg., 2297 Pasong Tamo Ext., Makati City

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