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Reunions and parties are starting to pile up in my calendar and the second for the season happened on Saturday with former colleagues. We were Cubao bound for a breakfast meet-up and the hubby thought of Rustic Mornings. He had been wanting to take me there but the distance made it hard for us to just go.

A lovely setting while eating
We got there after some GPS lovin' - turn right, turn left. You'll pass by some unpleasant streets until you get to this place that's so unlikely to contain such a beautiful stop. Once you get in, it's as if you have been transported elsewhere, definitely not in the almost slum side of Marikina. Garden setting with no two tables bearing the same set-up - it was just beautiful! Greens towering, ponds and fishes in every possible corner - everything was just so close to nature. It's a tucked away place giving you the feeling that you're far from the busy streets of the Metro.

From 8AM to 4PM, they serve hearty breakfast meals. When the sun goes down the place is transformed into a romantic getaway for dinner reservation. From Rustic Mornings by Isabelo in the morning to Isabelo's Garden Restaurant at night...I'm sure nature lovers will enjoy this spot. 

A little closer to nature
As you look into the ceiling
Details - mirrors, frames, center piece, magazines and some more details

We got ourselves acquainted with the place for a while before we finally decided where to settle. There was just so much to adore. The place was simply picturesque. Once we've had enough feasting with our eyes, it was time to stuff our rumbling tummies with what Rustic Mornings has to offer. 

We ordered for the following ---

Waffles, Buffalo Chicken Strips and Salad for 250 php
My choice of meal. The best waffles I've had! (disclaimer : You see, I'm more of a pancake kind of gal so I don't have a lot of comparison when it comes to waffles.) They were fluffy but intact, crunchy on the outside but definitely soft and light inside. Two triangular waffles with a sweet whipped butter, served with some more sweetness from the syrup. It was good and filling. The chicken strips were perfectly fried (but not oily at all) with a crunch from the breading and a tender meat inside. Don't forget to dip this into the Marinara Sauce and you'll love every bite! The salad was simple but lovely - dressed with some olive oil and cheese, the greens were fresh and crisp.

Frankfurter, Cheese Omelet and Garlic Rice for 220php
Hubby got their Frankfurter, Cheese Omelet and Garlic Rice. I loved the Cheese Omelet! It had generous heaping of melted cheese inside a scrambled egg that was done just right. Didn't get the chance to taste the Frankfurter though. The Garlic Rice had some herbs into it and it also had some citrus kick.

Mojos for 130php
Hubby also got some Mojos - nothing special here. Just plain golden brown potato rounds with the right saltiness.

Frozen Brazo de Mercedes for 140php
Then there was dessert - Frozen Bazo, so good! We had to thaw it for a while since it was served rock solid. Rich, creamy and surprisingly not too sweet! It had a graham base and served with lots of caramel sauce. I wish there was more "yema" like stuff here than the white fluff. But I'm not complaining much because it's the best Brazo de Mercedes that I've had so far!

Snap shots going into the garden
Happily catching up
Some privacy in the middle of a garden

What a great breakfast experience! In this modern day of high rise buildings and glamorous malls, it's a breather to find such a sanctuary that will take you out of all the modernization even for a while. It's as if your just in your garden, sipping a cup of coffee and having your breakfast. The mood was so relaxed, with Bossa Nova music playing on the background and trinkets all around. To add to the good experience, the staff were friendly and attentive. They've got all your dining needs covered. 

An option if you wanna keep indoors
If you're not really into nature but would love to experience their food offerings, don't fret. There's this old house converted into some more dining space. It's enclosed with ample air-conditioning. It's also as lovely as the garden setting. Clean and well maintained, it resembled a dining space in a well-off kind of home. It had this wall full of porcelain and glass display. Then there were brass pots, China wares, chandeliers and frames after frames of beautiful flowers. The space was also well-lit with windows adorning each side of the room. 

Clean and lovely!
Oh and yes... even the washroom was lovely! The wall was adorned with empty bottles of perfumes and little greens in vases. Ahhhh... this place! I fell in love with it in an instant! To add more to the good dining experience, their servers were friendly and accommodating. They made sure that they got us covered with everything we needed for a comfortable brunch. 

Hubby promised to take me back soon for dinner. They've got a whole new menu at night!

--- Rustic Mornings by Isabelo : 11 Isabelo Mendoza St., San Roque, Marikina City

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