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Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 19 December 2013 | 18:12

Cronuts are all over the Metro. You'll never have a hard time finding one. There is, however, this particular cronut store that has gone viral over the last months. You won't find them in one particular mall or location. That's Bronuts! They were the first, I think, to offer more than just the sweet version - they've got some savory flavors too! They capitalized on a pop-up kind of strategy, hopping from one mall to another, offering limited number of cronuts so you really have to catch them right away else, you'll have to wait until the next weekend! Always sold out!

Bronuts - they're in SM Aura the whole month of December (every Friday to Sunday)

I think it was luck when we saw them in SM Aura just this weekend. I do not really follow them but I know that they're usually in Power Plant during weekends. While we were heading for the grocery store after my Forma class, we passed by these stalls selling all sorts of gastronomic treats, just behind Bono. We were in the lane selling mostly cupcakes when I spotted Bronuts on the other side! I stopped and made a U-Turn, dragging the hubby and the little one with me. It was the chance that I have been waiting for and I wouldn't let it pass!

The line was a little long when we got there but I didn't mind. They were offering free taste that helped us decide which to buy. We got to taste Belgian Chocolate and Cream Cheese with Bacon , which hubby was eyeing at but decided against it upon tasting. I know that cream cheese is supposed to be sour and that characteristic flavor did not mix well with the bacon. I don't know... Maybe we should give it another try next time. Looking at their display, they were offering about 6-8 flavors that time. We decided to get the following ---

Belgian Chocolate
I loved how rich the chocolate was. It was thick and gooey at the same time. Just like most cronuts, theirs were cut horizontally in half to give way to some custard filling. Yellowish in color, the custard was thick and creamy and had just the right sweetness. The cronut itself didn't have any sugar coating or glaze to add up to the overall sweetness.

Super Floss

Super Floss with some white and black sesame seeds
Oh man! My favorite! I though Bread Talk has the best floss bread but I was wrong. This one is definitely better. The structure, it being a cronut, was more defined holding up the floss better. It didn't have a custard filling, of course. It had a savory one that was somewhat salty - more like Bread Talk...again. The texture of the cronut, a little crunchy when you take a bite, gave this flavor it's glory. One Super Floss can substitute for one meal. It was filling!

Blueberries and Cream

Ohhhh...those colored sugar crystals!
This I didn't like much. The blueberry flavored topping was thick and creamy but too sweet. Finished off with some pink and purple sugar crystals, there was just too much sweetness in it for me. What I liked about it though were the blueberry preserves that were mixed with the custard. They don't scrimp on the good stuff!

The layers that define a croissant
Overall, the cronuts were good. They were the biggest, in terms of size, in the market and they're generous with the toppings. They're not as flaky as WildFlour's but the quality is definitely of the same level. Really worth it for 110php each - regardless of the flavor. I would say that I liked these better than WildFlour's. My only concern is the freshness and cleanliness of the cronuts because they're left in trays on the side of the pop-up store without any cover. They sell out fast, I know, but they're still left exposed in the open area of the mall where a lot of people pass by. 

Cris - one of the owners. He was really accommodating!
The owners were hands on with their business. They take the orders and prepares them for the customers. They were also keen in promoting their FB, Twitter and IG pages. Then I learned that the owners have their regular day jobs during weekdays, thus, they're only able to attend to their Bronuts business during the weekends or during some carefully selected bazaar events. Great job!

--- Bronuts : G/F SM Aura Premier, McKinley Parkway cor. 26th St., BGC, Taguig City

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