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Written By clapalisoc on Monday 17 November 2014 | 11:17

It's been almost a year since my last blog post and I missed blogging  so much! Though I've kept myself very active in Looloo, I haven't had the time and chance to sit down and blog here. But since writing keeps me sane, I just have to go on!

So let me start again by taking you into my field trip to MegaMall. You see, living in the South makes areas like Mandaluyong really far. Just thinking about the EDSA traffic is enough to make one tired and back out. But then again during one of our not so busy Saturdays, hubby decided to take me and Cherienne to MegaMall. There are a lot of new restaurants there and I have been wanting to try most of them. When we got there, the first thing that I wanted to check out was St. Marc Cafe. Aside from their Chococro, we also wanted to get some ice cream for Cherienne and St. Marc has a good selection of this cold treat.

The store was packed when we got there but finding an empty chair was easy. The aroma of freshly baked pastries will greet you as you head onto the counter. Chococro, finally!

Classic Chococro for 55Php
These little pastries were so good! Freshly baked, warm and soft with a strong butter flavor. Layers and layers of thin pastry were put together to form crisp and flaky croissants. 

The Classic Chococro has a generous heaping of rich and thick dark chocolate filling that's melted and a little warm. One piece is not enough!

Chococro Marble for 60Php
Then, the Chococro Marble - a must for Matcha lovers! Imagine green tea matcha + white chocolate + flaky and buttery croissant = really good.

Tuna Potato Danish for 100Php
After taking a bite of the Chococro, hubby decided to get some more. He even got the Tuna Potato Danish for us to try. Buttery danish with lots of cheese, tuna flakes and potato slices, this too was good but then I would still go for the Chococros.

Strawberry Heaven for 250Php
Then for Cherienne's ice cream treat, we got the Strawberry Heaven. She had a hard time choosing but I think the generous serving of strawberry in this creation won over her heart. Imagine creamy soft serve ice cream with lots of frozen strawberry cubes, strawberry sauce, sponge cake cubes and corn flakes surprise towards the bottom of the glass. To make it even sinful, a scoop of vanilla ice cream was added. In my opinion, this could have been knock out if they used fresh strawberries instead of frozen ones.

Anyhow, St. Marc Cafe is still a great place to grab some dessert or just relax and talk things over coffee/tea. The staff were quick in spotting empty trays, plates and cups. They were also attentive and know how to put on a smile.

We will definitely go back here, or at least wait for the one opening in Greenbelt, to get more of the Chococros , try their other ice cream creations as well as their coffee and tea selection.

Overall Rating : 4/5 Stars 

---St. Marc Cafe : Mega Fashion Hall, SM Megamall, Mandaluyong City


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