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Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 6 December 2016 | 14:13

My first time in The Bunny Baker happened on a fine Saturday morning. We were supposed to have breakfast around 8AM but we ended up ordering two dessert skillets with two extra scoops of gelato. My friend Jairus and I swear by their desserts so when I got an invite for a sponsored dinner, I jumped right into it!

The Bunny Baker x looloo (with a bonus of Peanut D. Nuks!) = YES!

Starter Sampler from Bunny Baker PH
Starter Sampler for 275Php

We started with their Starter Sampler - chicken skin, dynamite rolls and Spam fries. Deep-fried goodness with a good crunch. Great way to start a feast!

Corn Dogs from Bunny Baker PH
Happy happy Corn Dogs!

We also had the chance to try their corndogs. Seriously, these are the happiest corndogs in the world! Just look at them! These cornmeal coated cocktail franks will surely delight kids and kids at heart.

Then we tried three kinds of pasta dishes - Creamy Pesto, Kung Pao Chicken and Cajun Chicken and Bacon.

Creamy Pesto from Bunny Baker PH
Creamy Pesto for 250Php

Believe it when they say creamy! I would have wanted a stronger pesto flavor though but if you love cheese, this sure has lots of cheese!

Blackened Cajun Chicken and Bacon from Bunny Baker PH
Blackened Cajun Chicken and Bacon for 285Php 

When you say Cajun I usually think of a strong flavor - smoky with some heat. This pasta had a subtle Cajun flavor, which should be good, but also had this bitter after taste that I can't deny.

Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken from Bunny Baker PH
Sriracha Kung Pao Chicken for 250Php

If there is one pasta that I liked and would recommend for spicy pasta lovers to try, it would be this. The al dente pasta, the tender chicken chunks, the sesame flavor, the texture from the cashew nuts with the Sriracha infused Kung Pao Sauce - so good!

Onto the mains, we had the following -- Adobo Flakes and Beer-Blackened Porkchops

Adobo Flakes from Bunny Baker PH
Adobo Flakes for 235Php

Adobo was cooked with patis instead of soy sauce and according to the owner, Zach, this version is called "Adobong Puti." Just like your usual Adobo Flakes, the pork flakes were crispy, served with garlic rice and egg. Flavorful flakes, good garlic flavor but I personally like my Adobo saucy.

Beer Blackened Pork Chops from Bunny Baker PH
Beer Blackened Pork Chops for 295Php Single | 475Php Double

Grilled meat that was tender, good flavor from the marinade but nothing wow about it.

Then came dessert time. We had the following -- Purple People Eater, Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode, The Skilletor and Ooey Gooey.

Purple People Eater from Bunny Baker PH
Purple People Eater for 290Php

Ube lovers will surely fall for this dessert. Let me tell you why. Imagine this: hefty scoop of store-churned artisanal purple yam gelato, ube halaya, macapuno, whipped cream and rice puffs sandwiched in between two fluffy and light ube pancakes, finished off with a drizzle of ube sauce! Gah! There was a lot of purple yam goodness here and the best part? It wasn't too sweet at all.

Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode from Bunny Baker PH
Cheesecakeadilla ala Mode for 175Php

Everyone's favorite! Golly, this dessert is one for the books! It's a genius creation. Imagine, rich and tangy cheesecake wrapped in whole wheat tortilla, deep fried to a nice golden brown crisp perfection, drizzled with chocolate and salted caramel syrup and served with vanilla gelato. One bite and it will blow your mind! Seriously, the contrast in texture, the rich oozing cheesecake, the contrast of warm and cold - we asked for a second order!

The Skilletor from The Bunny Baker Cafe
The Skilletor for 285Php

They served the "Smores" version of this and quite frankly, I found it too sweet because of the addition of the marshmallows. I still prefer the original one though.

The Ooey Gooey from The Bunny Baker
The Ooey Gooey for 285Php

URGH!!! Still my favorite dessert skillet. The molten chocolate center topped with an equally good salted caramel gelato - this got me swooning again! I especially like brownie stuck towards the sides of the skillet.

Gingerbread Latte from The Bunny Baker
A warm cup of Gingerbread Latte

I aslo tried their Gingerbread Latte since I loved SB's version. I was giddy because gingerbread screams Christmas! I don't know what's wrong with this drink. I mean, I liked it but it had this after taste that was like soap or whatever. It had a good aroma though coming from the gingerbread.

Holiday Cake from The Bunny Baker
Gorgeous Holiday Cake!

Aila also made a pretty cake for us! Three layers of vanilla cake that was barely covered with white frosting, smothered with white chocolate ganache, decorated with snowflakes, pocky, berry knots and thick shards of pastel pink and blue tinted chocolate - it was such a girly festive cake! 

Holiday Cake details
A peek inside this gorgeous Holidy Cake

According to Aila, this cake is complimentary when you spend a certain amount for a booked event this holidays. How cool is that?

3 Stars for the mains + a PERFECT 5 for the desserts!

4 out of 5 Stars for The Bunny Baker!

---The Bunny Baker: 3/F Hemady Square, 86 Doña Hemady St. cor. E. Rodriguez Sr. Ave., New Manila, Quezon City

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