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In this day and age of scientific and technological advancement, we're often caught with a fast track life in a fast lane. Most would turn to exercise or sports as their escape. Others would turn to travelling but I believe majority turn to food to get that momentary escape since it's the most affordable in terms of money and time. Feel good food usually lean on to the sweeter side like cakes and pastries, ice cream and gelato but others would also turn to salty and fatty ones. It has become harder to find delicious and healthy comfort food now a days. 

CoNutInk MOA
Co+Nut+ink Kiosk in SM Mall of Asia
Photo c/o Alvin Arico of

That's why it's such a breather to hear that some food and beverage entrepreneurs take their time to make healthy alternatives available in our local market. One example is this ice cream shop from Singapore that offers delicious and healthy cold treat - Co+Nut+ink!

Got an invite to attend their launch in SM Mall of Asia a week ago. Co+Nut+ink x foodfanaticph!

Coconut Ice Cream from CoNutInk
They use the husk as the bowl, complete with fresh coconut milk!
Photo c/o Alvin Arico of

The idea was like no other - coconut ice cream served in a real coconut husk with fresh coconut meat! You can even choose to add some toppings into your scoop! Nuts, raisins, fruits - they have a wide selection of toppings to go perfectly with every scoop of their coconut ice cream!

Coconut Ice Cream from CoNutInk
Every order of their coconut ice cream will give you a free glass of fresh coconut juice!
Photo c/o Alvin Arico of

Using only the freshest ingredients to make sure that every scoop bursts with the goodness of coconut, they do not compromise on the quality of the produce. They also ensure that all ingredients are "consciously sourced from the finest fair trade coconut and nectar." 

CoNutInk founder and endorser
Founder Lawrence Tang together with brand ambassador, Sachzna Laparan during the Scoop-Me-Up event in SM Mall of Asia - photo c/o Co+Nut+ink FB Page

Seriously, this new ice cream concept is so unique and so fitting since we are in a tropical country. Each spoonful of Co+Nut+ink coconut ice cream is like breathing in a cool breeze on a hot summer day!

Ice cream robot from Co+Nut+ink PH
Co+Nut+ink's Robotic Self-Serve Coconut Ice Cream Machine

Innovation doesn't stop there though for the brains behind Co+Nut+ink. By January of 2017, they're hoping to introduce the very first patented robotic self-serve Coconut Ice Cream machine. It's a state of the art machine, first of it's kind, that will give customers flexibility in terms of customizing their orders. Aimed to be housed in major theme parks like Disney Land, Universal Studios and our very own Manila Ocean park, this machine will surely be a game changer!

***This is a sponsored event covered by Alvin Arico, our friend from, on behalf of foodfanaticph***

--- CoNutInk: North Arcade, SM Mall of Asia (near Hypermart, going to seaside walkway), Pasay City

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