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looloo Food Tour: Murray and D'Vine - 4th and Last Stop

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 21 July 2015 | 10:15

Last stop for our looloo Food Tour was Murray and D'Vine. I always pass by this place in High Street since it's just beside Gelatissimo and Chez Karine but I never paid much attention. It's clientele were mostly foreigners belonging to the older age bracket. So when the looloo crew revealed that our last stop was this restaurant, I kinda spaced out. First, I know that it's not a Bistro Group member since I have never seen it in their card or promotional stuff before. Second, I didn't know where it was exactly located - never knew that it was this restaurant all along. Anyhow, the manager was quick to explain that they just acquired it and will soon be seen under their umbrella.

Murray and D'Vine Spread

I would say that this was my least favorite of all four stops. Why?

1) I was already so full by the time we reached Murray and D'Vine! 3 restaurants in a row - come on!
2) Food has been waiting for us for about 15 mins already when we got there so expect soggy fries and nachos and cold dishes
3) I was really really full lol

They had us try some of their finger food and let us order anything we wanted from their beverage list - including cocktails, wine, etc.

Three flavors of curly fries were served --

Cheese Curly Fries

BBQ Curly Fries

Sour Cream Curly Fries

Each one was okay but were already cold when we tried them, almost soggy. I liked the Sour Cream flavored one the most.

Nachos with Beef

Then we also got some Nachos with white garlicky sauce, ground beef and red and green bell peppers. This was okay - could have been best if there was more beef and if the nachos were not soggy.

Tenderloin Tips Salpicao

We also got the chance to try their Beef Salpicao. Really spicy dish! The meat was tender and flavorful but it was too spicy for me!

Burger Sliders

Then the burger sliders. Honestly, they were a little dry for me and nothing really special.

Ripe Mango Shake

The only thing I liked was the fresh Mango Shake. Fresh ripe mangoes, blended with ice - simple and refreshing. 

La Bella Margarita

The group also ordered for a towering margarita which was refreshing and could have been a great night cap - only if I was not too full.

Anyway...I think we came here at the wrong time. I'm willing to try them again. I'm sure they have much more to offer than what we got to try that night.

3 out of 5 Stars for Murray and D'Vine!

***Murray and D'Vine: Space C114, G/F, Retail Area, Serendra, BGC, Taguig City

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