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looloo Rendezvoos: Bamba Bistro

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 29 July 2015 | 12:07

When you get an email from looloo and they're inviting you to a "rendezvoos" which for sure will include a lot of eating, will you say no? Are you crazy? Then to make it all better, Bamba Bistro is the host restaurant! Can anything get better than that? Seriously? You just say YES to invites like this. NO QUESTIONS ASKED :)

So we went. The husband and I got invited. Lunch at Bamba Bistro. I was so excited since we celebrated my birthday there and we had a really great time (check blog HERE). I was blown away by the food and most especially the customer service and have high hopes for this lunch. One dish after the other, one plate, saucer and utensils at a time - the spread that Chef Tina prepared for us was insane! Lets drill down, shall we?

Starters --

Artichoke Crostini, Patatas Fritas, French Fries Moderne, Mussels in Chorizo Cream and Tuna Tartare. Such a great way to start the feast!

Personal favorites are the Patatas Fritas, Mussels in Chorizo Cream and Tuna Tartare.

Patatas Fritas for 295Php

Patatas Fritas - potato chunks with spicy chorizo, garlic aioli and poached egg. I loved that the potato chunks were crispy and and that garlic sauce gave it it's overall character.

Tuna Tartare for 420Php

Tuna Tartare - sashimi grade tuna chunks with some sesame, a hint of saltiness, spring onions and lots of crunchy chicharon. Then it had the right amount of wasabi that gave it a good kick of heat. Loved this dish!

Mussels in Chorizo Cream for 380Php

Mussels in Chorizo Cream - the winner of them all! Perfectly cooked mussels in a creamy and flavorful sauce. Trust me, you would want more of the sauce after trying it. It's so good that it can be a pasta sauce, dipping sauce for whatever edible or maybe just smother it over rice. You would want every drop of it.

French Fries Moderne for 190Php

Now, if you want your fries a little sweet then you should go for the French Fries Moderne which had honey, feta and rosemary. 

Artichoke Crostini for 290Php

The Artichoke Crostini was my least favorite maybe because I tried it last and it didn't have any strong flavor in particular.

Roasted Tomato Soup for 180Php

We also had the chance to sample their Tomato Soup with a small slice of Gouda Cheese Sandwich before proceeding with the feast.

Salads --

T.A.S - That Awesome Salad for 495Php

That Awesome Salad - intricately stacked lettuce, grilled prawn, thin raw salmon, fig mash, Parmesan flakes in a creamy balsamic dressing. It was topped with crispy potato strings. The dressing went well with the salmon and it was overall delicious!

Tindahan ni Maria for 365Php

Tindahan ni Maria - oh the crowd favorite! According to Chef Tina, the ingredients of this salad can be easily found in stores. Chopped pechay with tomatoes, onions, chorizo, salted egg, kesong puti, pili nuts and the unexpected goodness of the guava vinaigrette that tied everything together! I love how Chef Tina can get playful with her dishes. Who would have thought that guava would taste that good.

Mains --

My Mom's Cannelloni for 325Php

My Mom's Cannelloni - lots and lots of cheese! Cannelloni filled with a mix of chicken, pork and a hint of liver in pomodoro and bechamel sauces. Loved the generous heaping of gooey cheese!

Linguini Cristina for 295Php

Linguini Cristina - this was spicy with hint of sweetness in a tomato based sauce. It also has bacon, sun dried tomatoes and lots of Parmesan flakes. Anything with bacon is good and this one was great!

Le Cochon Sliders for 350Php

Then, the Le Cochon Sliders! If there were no other dishes served, I would have easily inhaled 4 of this! Loved the crunch from the pork belly and fried wanton which went well with the sweetness and sourness of the cabbage slaw.

Hangover Killer Bowl for 390Php

Hangover Killer Bowl - this one reminded me of Recovery Food. If it wasn't too spicy for my liking, this could be an ultimate comfort food. Sriracha fried rice with shrimps and squid, chicharo (my favorite childhood veggies), chicken skin, poached egg and that tamarind sauce.

For the last main dish, Chef Tina prepared a HUGE slab of ribs! There were more than 12 pieces of ribs here. 

Cabbage Slaw and Quezo de Bola Fried Rice FTW!

Yummy Sweet Yams!

This was served with Quezo de Bola Fried Rice, some slaw and two huge sweet yams. Great deal for big groups. This was originally served as a Father's Day special and is currently being served during the weekends only. You'll get all this for only 1250Php!

What's a feast without desserts? Gah! We got to try three! 

S'Mores Dip for 250Php

S'Mores Dip - a closere look at the chocolate dip!

S'mores Dip - warm chocolate sauce topped with torched marshmallows. This was good but could have been better if the chocolate dip was a little thicker.

Pizzookie for 230Php

Pizzookie - fresh out of the oven chocolate chip cookie served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, salted caramel drizzle and walnuts. This could have been better if the chocolate chips were gooey.

Berry Schaumtorte for 250Php

This was the crowd fave - Strawberry Schaumtorte. It was like a parfait, layered with whipped cream, meringue and fresh strawberries. It also had almond slivers on top. Loved that it was light and bursting with flavors coming from the fresh berries.

Oh golly belly! That was one great lunch! Each dish was a feast not only for our taste buds but also for our eyes. Beautifully plated dishes that were all IG worthy! And not only that, Chef Tina was so accommodating that she took the time to meet us, answer our questions, tell us stories and just goof around happy and hungry people from the South!

It was indeed an afternoon well spent - great food + great company! Thank you so much Chef Tina and happy 2nd anniversary Bamba Bistro! Here is to more years ahead!

5 out of 5 Stars for Bamba Bistro!

***Bamba Bistro : 55 Aguirre Ave. cor. Arsenio Luz St., BF Homes, ParaƱaque City

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