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Until We Meet Again - Magnum Cafe Manila

Written By clapalisoc on Thursday 6 August 2015 | 10:16

After more than a year of providing "pleasure" to ice cream lovers and food fanatics, Magnum Cafe Manila has finally closed it's doors on the 26th of July. Since it started operating in SM Aura, they made it clear that it was just a pop-up. 500 days in Manila was the deal. Not really sure if they'll open up a new one elsewhere in the country but this has been the way that they've operated even in other countries.

Magnum Cafe Manila

Days before they closed, we decided to pay them one last visit. Since we've tried one of their plated desserts before (I'll give the details below), we opted to try their "Make Your Own Magnum" section this time. The first time we went here, the line for the "Make Your Own Magnum" was so long that we decided to dine in instead. But this time, it was the other way around. So it was an advantage for us.

Our picks ---

Chocolate Magnum Bar x dark chocolate coating x pistachios x potato chips x caramel balls x chili flakes x sea salt x milk chocolate drizzle

This combination I made for myself was so good! You got your sweet fix with a hint of saltiness from the sea salt and potato chips, some texture from the nuts and caramel balls and that spicy kick from the chili flakes. This reminded me so much of my favorite Chili Dark Chocolate from Lindt. 

Vanilla Magnum Bar x milk chocolate coating x Oreo x marshmallow x chocolate balls x white chocolate drizzle

Choice of my sweet tooth daughter. She was so amazed with the selection that she pointed to a lot of toppings before finally deciding.

Closer look at my creation!

For 100Php each, you'll get to choose if you'll get a chocolate or vanilla ice cream bar x milk chocolate, dark chocolate or white chocolate dip x 3 toppings x drizzle (same choices as the dip). You can also have some add on like sea salt and chili flakes on top of your allowed toppings. 

During our first visit though, we opted for their plated desserts. They've got a menu for main dishes aside from the dessert menu. I was also pleased to see that they have put together some offerings into their menu from their make your own Magnum which you can still tweak a little according to your liking. 

Cookie Dough Skillet at 300Php

We got their Cookie Dough Skillet. When it was served, a warm and oh so delish aroma of freshly baked chocolate chip cookie greeted us! The cookie dough itself was good - warm and buttery, full of chocolate chunks and it was not too sweet. The chocolate chunks were still melting making it even better. Best to scoop some of the ice cream together with the cookie dough and savor the contrast of cold and warm! Golly, it was good. 

The serving was good for sharing though don't expect that it's a big skillet with a thick cookie dough inside. Expensive dessert at 300php without the tax and service charge. But it was a good experience. 

See you somewhere else Magnum Cafe! Until the next time :)

4 out of 5 Stars for Magnum Cafe!

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