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looloo Food Tour : Village Tavern - 1st Stop

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 14 July 2015 | 16:08

It was a rainy Thursday afternoon and I was invited to the first ever looloo food tour, in coorperation with the Bistro Gourp. I was so excited about this since I am a BIG fan of the Bistro Group and we have been frequently using our Premiere Bistro Group Card since 2011. Fish & Co., Krazy Garlik, Bulgogi Brothers are our staples while Italianni's, TGI Friday's and my personal favotite, Village Tavern (check out my recent blog HERE) are reserved for special occasions. Since we were to meet-up in BHS Central, I knew that we will start off with Village Tavern. Imagine, a sponsored food binge from my favorite Bistro Group restaurant! So much win!

When we got there, I immediately noticed that they have installed a partition separating the main dining area from bar area. Not a big deal really, it just made the restaurant look a little cramped. As we got in, we were welcomed by the manager of Village Tavern together with the overall head for the Bistro Card. They served dish after dish and even gave us the chance to try some of their cocktails.

Cowboy Chips for 245Php

We started off with this appetizer called the Cowboy Chips. Thin slices of fried potato, topped with a creamy cheese sauce, bacon, salsa and more melted cheese! Great way to start the feast!

Freshly Baked Pretzel for 250Php

Then this HUGE pretzel, found it's way to our table. It came with three dips - honey mustard, a tomato based one and another one that was a little spicy. Of all, the honey mustard dip was the one that went well with the pretzel. The pretzel itself had a crispy crust and a soft and warm center. I loved that they used sourdough instead of regular bread. 

Crispy Cuttlefish for 245Php

More from their Small Plates menu, we got to sample their Crispy Cuttlefish dish. Thinly sliced squid that have been slightly breaded and then deep fried. Perfectly seasoned with a crunch from each bite. This was served on a bed of tomato sauce that was somewhat spicy. 

Devilled Eggs for 195Php

Then the Devilled Eggs. Loved this dish! Boiled eggs with spicy egg yolk, topped with some sprouts, drizzled with some olive oil and finished off with generous strips of cured lamb belly. The lamb belly gave this dish a different twist. It was smoky and the flavor of lamb, which by the way is something I like, was full.

Then with the mains. They made us try two kinds of ribs - Tijuana Style Ribs and Kentucky Style Ribs.

Tijuana Style Ribs with Fries

A closer look at the glorious slab of ribs!

Tijuana Style Ribs gave a Texmex flavor. It was a little spicy but this smokey slab of baby back ribs had a strong mix of herbs and spices. The meat was so tender with ample trimmings of fat. It was topped with fresh cilantro, some cubed tomatoes, jalapenos and onions. It also came in with potato and sweet potato fries. Highly recommended!

Kentucky Style Ribs

Next is the Kentucky Style Ribs. Perfect if you want that barbecue flavor in your ribs. Smokey with that sweet and salty barbecue sauce, the meat was perfectly tender! 

Mojito - 95Php each before 7PM, 175Php each after

We were also given the chance to try some of their cocktails. We tried their Mango, Pineapple and Apple Mojitos. Each was made with a puree of fresh fruit, Tanduay White, mint leaves of course, ice, Sprite on top and some more fresh fruit cubes! 

Mango Mojito

Off all three, the Mango Mojito appealed most to me. The way it mixed with the alcohol and mint was so refreshing!

Let's take a closer look at the other 2 flavors --

Apple Mojito

Pineapple Mojito

Then there was Black Widow. Served in a cute glass container that reminded me of a heart with valves, you'll get tequila and cranberry juice in it. Then, the mug has some ice, cranberries, basil leaves and a slice of lemon. 

Black Widow - 95Php before 7PM, 180Php after 7PM

Pour in the tequila and then the cranberry juice, mix it all up and you'll get this really good cocktail!

Bob Marley Shooters - 395Php before 7PM, 595Php after

Lastly, they also had us try their Bob Marley Shooters. True to it's name, it had beautiful layers of the Rasta colors - red, yellow and green. It had rhum, limoncello and grenadine. Wasn't able to try this but those who did said that it was good.

LOVED the overall service that night. The staff were very knowledgeable of their dishes and cocktails. So impressive. 

Still the top Bistro Group restaurant for me and one of our family favorites.

5 out of 5 Stars for Village Tavern!

***Village Tavern: 2nd Level Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Avenue corner 29th Street, BGC, Taguig City

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