Fire in the Hole - A Pop-Up Spicy Food Concept

Written By clapalisoc on Sunday 27 December 2015 | 23:59

Weekend before Christmas had us running to Century Mall because I wanted to try the much raved about Spicy Dan Dan Rice from Fire in the Hole. We were set to go on a week long vacation, returning to Manila onset of January 2016, that's why it was a must to visit Hole in the Wall before our vacation. Else, I will forever regret not having the chance to try what Fire in the Hole has to offer. 

Fire in the Hole Menu
Fire in the Hole Menu

Situated in the space that used to be Kwong's Provision, this brainchild of the guys behind Wrong Ramen only had 5 items in their menu - 3 kinds of noodles, 1 rice dish and a dessert. It was made clear on the day they opened, which was around late November, that they will only be a pop-up store and will eventually close at the end of the year.

Fire in the Hole Spicy Dan Dan Rice
Spicy Dan Dan Rice for 290Php

When we got to Hole in the Wall, it was my first order of business. I got the Spicy Dan Dan Rice and opted for the MILD level of heat. You can also go for SPICY level if you want more sweat or push your taste buds further and go for the FLAMING level of heat. I asked the cashier if the mild level was super spicy already and he said that it wasn't but already has a kick of heat. I like spicy food but not the too spicy ones so I was a little scared to try but I gave it a go anyway.

It took them a while to serve this but I tell you, it was worth all the wait!

Fire in the Hole Spicy Dan Dan Rice
Spicy Dan Dan Rice - Heat Level : MILD

I got this gorgeous bowl of chili laced rice topping and the sight of the chopped chili kinda scared me. But then it smelled so good so I dug in! One spoonful led to the next then another and another. I started to feel the heat on my 4th spoonful but didn't mind it at all. Whatever sorcery was in this bowl, it had me wanting for more! IT WAS SO SPICY BUT WAS SO DARN GOOD! Chasu flakes x crispy chicken skin x fried egg x peanuts x black and white sesame seeds x onion leeks x Hot Peanut Sauce all on a bed of warm Japanese Rice. To make it all the more spicy, they added chopped chili on top! The chicken skin and peanuts gave it texture and that boost of cholesterol. Seriously, it was so good! Had me sweating and wanting lots of water.

Wish they will keep this food concept for a little longer so I can have another bowl of this spicy goodness. But then again, they were firm that it'll be only until the 31st of December. Hoping and praying that I'll meet this spicy gorgeous bowl again somewhere.

5 out of 5 Stars for Fire in the Hole!

--- Fire in the Hole: Hole in the Wall, Century City Mall, Kalayaan Ave. cor. Salamanca St., Poblacion, Makati City

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