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looloo Rendezvoos: Uncle Tetsu - Japanese Cheese Tart and More!

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 20 January 2017 | 13:07

I've had a not so good experience with Uncle Tetsu's Japanese Cheesecake when it first came to our local market. It didn't live up to what I have expected and I thought it was too cake-y. We even compared it to Red Ribbon's Mamon. Never tried it again after the first time. Until I got the chance to try it again December of last year as Christmas gifts from Uncle Tetsu's Management. I found that it has improved in terms of taste and texture. Never really had the chance to enjoy it because of the overwhelming food that my family received that season. Until ysterday's sponsored looloo rendezvoos.

Uncle Tetsu PH
Uncle Tetsu - Mega Mall

Went to SM Megamall to try the products of Uncle Tetsu through an invite from loolooUncle Tetsu x looloo x foodfanaticph = double YAY! 

Uncle Tetsu Cheesecake
Some of the products we tried from Uncle Tetsu!

We got to meet Mitzy (President of Uncle Tetsu PH) and Charles (Marketing Head). They had us try all of their products ---

Signature Cheese Tart from Uncle Tetsu PH
Signature Cheese Tart for 400Php, Mini for 49Php

This was surprisingly good. The crust was flaky, the cheese filling was smooth. 

Signature Cheesetart from Uncle Tetsu PH

Though it lacked a sharp cheese flavor, it wasn't bland. 

Signature Cheesetart from Uncle Tetsu PH

This wasn't too sweet but what I really liked was how the crust held up even after putting the tart inside the consuming it hours after. It was still a little flaky and it was not soggy.

Signature Japanese Cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu PH
Signature Japanese Cheesecake for 299Php, Mini for 99Php

This has improved, as I've mentioned above.

The "cheese" part was more prominent with a very light and soft texture but a little more tartness will be better, IMO. 

Signature Japanese Cheesecake from Uncle Tetsu PH

Though this has more "mamon" like part than other Japanese Cheesecakes, it's not bad for it's price considering the size.

Japanese Cream Cake Roll from Uncle Tetsu PH
Japanese Cream Cake Roll for 250Php, Mini for 99Php

Best served chilled to give it's cream filling a better texture and flavor, this one's good too at room temp. The cake itself was soft and light - more like chiffon. 

Japanese Cream Cake Roll from Uncle Tetsu PH

The cream was also very light, not too sweet and not cloying at all. Good snack option.

Cheese Tart with Oreo from Uncle Tetsu PH
Cheese Tart with Oreo for 450Php, Mini for 59Php

This was just okay. I still prefer the Signature Cheese Tart. We tried the Mini one. There was too little cheese here, the tart was too shallow. I'm okay if this was priced a little higher but with more of the cheese filling. The bottom was lined with Oreo and honestly, I'm not a fan of the mix.

Cinnamon Rolls from Uncle Tetsu PH
Cinnamon Rolls for 49Php each

We also tried their Pastry Puff, Cinnamon Roll but didn't find them wow - just okay.

Uncle Tetsu's store in Megamall is just a takeout counter with an open kitchen that needs some more exposure for people to see how they make their products. Added visuals can lead to curiosity and better product sales, IMO. Nevertheless, try their Cheese Tart coz I'm definitely going back for it!

4 out of 5 Stars for Uncle Tetsu!

--- Uncle Tetsu: Building A, SM Mega Mall, EDSA Corner Julia Vargas Avenue, Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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