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I've been eating "healthy" these past few days in the form of salad. I must admit that sometimes the salad itself has a lot of ingredients that adds up to the extra calories. Most times, yummy can really mean higher calories. It can sometimes be frustrating but the journey to discovering new healthy options without the need to sacrifice the taste can be quite exciting. You just need to be a little adventurous too, you know.

Thank God I met Bliss Bowls! 

Smoothie Bowls from Bliss Bowls
Smoothie Bowls from Bliss Bowls in Megamall

I've discovered Bliss Bowls in IG late last year and I've been stalking them ever since. Tried to catch them in Ayala Triangle during their pop-up event but they were sold-out when I got there. Then they opened up their first store in Megamall. The universe really conspired for me to try their creations because I had a meet up with friends in Megamall on their opening day! Searched for the store and tadah! Perfect timing!

Bliss Bowls
Bliss Bowls, Mega Mall

Located in front of Fitness First, the store is not an enclosed space but rather a take counter with couple of tables and chairs in front for customers opting to "dine-in."

Bliss Bowls
Bliss Bowls Menu

The servers we're all smiles when I got there. Promising nothing but 100% fruits and veggies, this superfood smoothie bowl store doesn't use ice nor sugar. They also recommend consuming your order right away to enjoy the flavors when they're at their best state.

Berry Bliss  from Bliss Bowls
Berry Bliss for 199Php

I checked their menu and decided to get one of their best sellers - Berry Bliss. Containing only 224 calories, it's packed with ingredients that boosts immunity, provides energy and endurance. This bowl had strawberries, beets, banana, mango and coconut water blended together. The beets gave it it's natural reddish color. It's then topped with fresh strawberries, bananas, granola and coconut flakes. The bowl looked so gorgeous and not only that, it was delicious! I must admit though that it was a little weird at first. Scooping smoothie from a bowl. It was in liquid form but not the super runny type, cold and much like your ice blended fruit slushie. Thanks to the fruit slices and granola, this healthy bowl gained some much needed texture.

Berry Bliss from Bliss Bowls
Look at all the fresh fruits and the pretty red color!

Each spoonful was cold, bursting with fresh fruit goodness though I wasn't able to taste much of the strawberry. The flavor profile was predominantly banana and mango. My bowl also had a weak after taste, probably coming from the beets. Nonetheless, I still loved and enjoyed my Bliss Bowl! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack or even dessert, this one's perfect!

After about a week, I went back with some friends to try other variants - Green Soul and Cacao Kiss.

Green Soul from Bliss Bowls
Green Soul for 199Php

Green Soul boosts anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory ingredients. This bowl contains 310 calories. It has a nice green color from the spinach. Blended with banana and coconut milk, this bowl was topped with more banana slices, granola, coconut flakes and drizzled with nut butter. 

Green Soul from Bliss Bowls

This was very light in the palate. It had a strong banana flavor, yet again, and the coconut milk was very evident as well. Spinach flavor was not noticeable, and I think that's a good thing. It was one refreshing smoothie bowl and if you don't fancy coconut milk, you can always substitute with almond milk for an additional of 30Php.

Cacao  Kiss from Bliss Bowls
Cacao Kiss for 260Php

One of the most expensive items from their menu, this bowl has 373 calories in it. It contains ingredients that are natural anti-depressant and promotes heart health as well. I must say that I liked this better than the Green Soul just because of the chocolate lover in me. Banana, strawberries, unsweetened cocoa, coconut milk, nut butter and some sea salt - the mix was chocolatey but not in a very overwhelming way. You'll get strong banana flavor with almost no hint of strawberry, a good coconut milk profile as well hints of nuts. This one was topped with more banana and strawberry slices, granola, coconut flakes and a drizzling of nut butter. You can also substitute the coconut milk with almond milk for 30Php more. I loved this! If my wallet is feeling rich, I'll take  this more than Berry Bliss!

Smoothie Bowls from Bliss Bowls
Colorful bowls of Smoothies!

Bliss Bowls also lets you add toppings and mix-ins into your order. Add some more fruits, coconut flakes, granola, honey, etc. for an additional of 25Php. Want some chia seeds, flax seeds, cacao nibs, goji berries or maybe cashew and walnuts? They can mix these into your bowl for an additional of 45Php. They can even mix Whey Protein or Vegan Protein powder if you wish for an additional of 85Php!

Bliss Balls from Bliss Bowls
An assortment of Superfood Bliss Balls for 150Php each

Other than the smoothie bowls, Bliss also offers Chia Bowl that has a chia seed pudding topped with an assortment of fruits. This is my next target here! They also have Super Food Bliss Balls great for snacking - brownie, flax or coconut, take your pick!

If only there's a Bliss Bowls near my area, this can definitely become a part of my daily/weekly meal plans!

5 out of 5 Stars for Bliss Bowls!

--- Bliss Bowls: 4/F, Bridgeway, SM Megamall, Ortigas, Mandaluyong City

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