Toby's Estate Shangri-La at the Fort: Coffee, Waffles and More!

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Toby's Estate is my favorite coffee shop as I have written again and again. Their SM Aura branch used to be the most accessible to me until they opened at Shangri-La BGC. The one in Makati is bigger and more spacious but there's something with the wall painting in their Shangri-La at the Fort branch that appeals so much to me. 

Toby's Estate PH
Just look at that colorful wall! So in love with it!

The white washed walls were turned into canvasses of beautiful and colorful art - flowers and birds - so chic and so elegant, looking at the walls lets me slip into a certain kind of peace and calmness. Maybe weird for you but it really has that kind of effect on me. 

Toby's Estate Shangri-La at the Fort
The clean counter and pastry display area! And look at the floor tiles!

Toby's Estate PH
Buckies, pastries, cake slices and more!

Everything else in the store was kept simple with warm tones from the wooden furniture amidst overall whiteness. It gave the store an overall clean and tidy look! I also liked that the place was well lit!

Waffle and Coffee from Toby's Estate PH
Waffle and Iced Coffee = perfect snack buddies!

Went here one afternoon, on a weekday and the place was not crowded. Great! I went for an iced drink since I haven't tried the iced version of their Mocha. Also got myself an order of their waffle. I have been wanting to try one for the longest time!

Iced Mocha from Toby's Estate
Large Iced Mocha for 180Php

The Iced Mocha was just okay. Tasted a little too watered down. There was still the strong coffee taste, the bitter chocolate but I think I prefer my Toby's Estate Mocha hot - thank you.

Speculoos and Whipped Cream Waffle from Toby's Estate
Speculoos and Whipped Cream Waffle for 195Php

For the waffle, I got the Speculoos and Whipped Cream. The waffle was crunchy outside but soft and moist inside. I kind of tasted a hint of banana so I asked one of the server and he in turn asked their kitchen staff. They said that it was just the usual waffle ingredient - flour, eggs, etc., that they used with no banana at all. Hmmm... Anyhow, I loved their waffle. It included a good heaping of Speculoos on top.
My first visit in this particular branch was followed by several more! I just can't get enough of the place, the food and the drinks!

Bacon, Pecan and Maple Syrup Waffle from Toby's Estate
Bacon, Pecan and Maple Syrup Waffle for 195Php

On this particular visit, I tried another waffle variant and this is currently my favorite of all waffles! Presenting, Toby's Estate's Bacon, Pecan and Maple Waffle! The serving is not enough because it's super good! Two or three of this would suffice.

Bacon Waffle and Chai Chocolate from Toby's Estate PH
Waffle and Chai!

Imagine - perfect waffle that's crispy outside, warm and soft inside with crispy, salty and smoky bacon surprise inside some of the waffle squares. It's topped with lots of pecan chunks and drizzled amply with maple syrup - perfect balance of salty and sweet! It's delicious beyond words!

Chai Chocolate from Toby's Estate PH
Chai Chocolate for 160Php

I also tried their Chai Chocolate - hot. Tried the iced version last time and it was good but the hot version was the best! It had a pretty latte art that wowed even the lolo beside me LOL making him order one as well. 

Chai Chocolate from Toby's Estate PH
Look at this gorgeous!

Dark chocolate flavor that was on the sweet side, but not too overwhelming, it went so well with the Chai tea. There was something soothing with the Chai aftertaste and I loved it!

Pistachio Cheesecake from Toby's Estate PH
Pistachio Cheesecake for 250Php per slice

I love their Calamansi Pie but I think I love their Pistachio Cheesecake more! It's packed and loaded with pistachio and each bite will give you a generous serving of the nut! 

Pistachio Cheesecake from Toby's Estate PH
A closer look at this delicious cheesecake!

With a graham base, this cheese cake is thick and creamy with a good tangy finish. Put a dollop of the whipped cream drizzled with thick caramel sauce into each spoonful of the cheesecake for that ultimate guilty pleasure!

Gibraltar from Toby's Estate PH

I've also been wanting to try their off the menu coffee - Gibraltar and I finally did! Served in a small and clear glass, it was smooth, strong and it wasn't too bitter.

Iced Chai Chocolate from Toby's Estate Shangri-La at the Fort
Iced Chai Chocolate for 170Php

Then another visit... Another Chai Chocolate - iced this time! Still as good as the first time I had it but if you want a more chocolaty one with a strong Chai flavor, go for the hot version!

Oh I love Toby's Estate!

5 out of 5 Stars for Toby's Estate Shangri-La Fort!

---Toby's Estate: G/F, High Street Park, Shangri-La at the Fort, 30th Street Corner 5th Avenue, Taguig City

***you can also find them HERE!

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