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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 6 March 2015 | 11:32

Ever since my husband got me an oven, I have been experimenting with baking. I started out with Betty Crocker pre-mix cookies, brownies and cakes. Eventually, I researched and started to make my own cookies and everything else from scratch.

Baking is fun. I would bake whenever I want to. Then I started baking for Christmas giveaways and even joined bazaars in my hubby's office. Financial return is not much from baking but the joy and relaxation it gives is so much more. Because of this, I was never a fan of online home bakers, especially those that sells brownies and cookies simply because I can whip some. I was also skeptical about adding shipping/handling fee which adds up to the cost. Hubby would always tell me that I can get those somewhere else. I also questioned the packaging and the way the baked goods will be handled by commercial couriers. Baked goods can be so fragile and I didn't want to pay for disaster.

Unfortunate things happened next resulting to Doctor's order of bed rest until I give birth! Golly! Each time I will crave for home baked goodies, I would see pictures of home bakers with their products in IG. They tease me left and right. Then I saw Kalookies! At first I tried to convince myself that I can whip those up at home. I just need the right chocolates to make them special. But then one day they had a promo - FREE SHIPPING for a minimum purchase of 2 dozens. Oh that was the trigger. I got the number, sent a message and ordered. The one that I got to talk to was so accommodating. We've had issues with payment but was resolved right away. The next day, I was giddy as a child as I waited for my orders to be delivered. Another plus point for Kalookies is that they have their own delivery guy so you're assured that your orders will arrive in good condition.

A dozen of assorted Kalookies for 450Php

Lovely packaging with re-heating instructions.

Twenty four pieces of individually wrapped cookie cups - 6 different flavors. Look at that packaging! So nice and sturdy. As soon as I opened the box, the smell of freshly baked goodies welcomed my senses. Vanilla, butter and all things sweet - such a pleasant smell.

What's inside a Kalookie box?

You'll get the following flavors in an assorted box of 12 ---

Kalassic: Hershey's Chocolate Chip + Nutella - who doesn't love Nutella?

Oreolla:  Hershey's Chocolate Chip+ Oreo - how can you go wrong?

Black & White: Hershey's Chocolate Chip + White chocolate chunks & Nutella - now that's double the treat!

Checklit Chip: Chocoalte Chip + Nutella + Peanut Butter + Hershey's Chocolate on top - oh my ultimate favorite!

Reeses & Nutella: Hershey's Chocolate Chip + Reeses Peanut Butter + Nutella - oh you sinful you!

Kapao: Cadbury Chocolate Cookies - Cadbury overload!

Each cookie cup was soft, moist and sinful. Each bite will give you a chocolate explosion! They don't scrimp on the ingredients so you'll definitely get what you paid for. Their cookies are also wrapped individually to retain the freshness.

Just look at that oozing chocolaty goodness from my favorite Cheklit Chip!

They don't have a physical store but they join bazaars and are regulars in Trinoma. They have a strong online presence and since they only bake when they have orders, you're assured that each batch that gets delivered are fresh out of the oven. 

5 out of 5 stars for Kalookies!
   - IG: Kalookies
   - Twitter: @kalookies

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