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Sometimes, shying away from the crowd is the best thing to do. Just like what we did Monday night, right after the Moving Up program of my daughter that was held in Insular Life, Alabang. As everyone hurried their way to Festival Mall, Alabang Town Center, Molito Complex and even Commerce Center, we decided to go to the quiet area of West Gate. Sure there were people crowding some restaurants there but husband spotted Tus' which was on my list of "must try" in the area.

Tus' was there standing quietly. We got inside and we had the entire place to ourselves. Since Tus' has been trending in Looloo, I had no doubts that it will impress. We got ourselves settled, checked their menu and decided to get the following ---

Mac & Cheese fr 220Php
From their Kid's Menu, we got their Mac & Cheese. Serving was ample for a child. The cheese sauce was rich and thick and reminded me of my favorite Mac & Cheese - Velveeta. The serving also came with some Brussels sprouts and bacon bits. It was so timely for the Brussels sprouts to show up since hubby and I were just talking about them the other day. We haven't really tried them and there they were - watery and a little bitter, the small cabbages were waiting for us to munch on them for the first time! I loved how Tus' tried to make eating veggies fun for kids. My daughter was surely delighted to see "baby cabbages" and bacon bits served with her favorite Mac & Cheese. I haven't really seen any other restaurant do such. Two thumbs up, Tus'!

Herbed Butter Steak for 620Php
On the other hand, hubby got himself an order of their steak. He opted for the Herbed Butter Steak. Thick portion of Rib-Eye steak, cooked according to your preferred doneness (hubby went for medium well), smothered with gravy, served with either rice, smashed potato, sauteed corn or fries and some blanched asparagus on the side. Gorgeous piece of steak, I must say! It was well seasoned with salt and pepper and cooked perfectly! Look at that reddish meat inside! 

Herbed Butter Steak for 620Php
The meat was tender and flavorful. The herbed butter it was served with gave an additional flavor to the steak. It actually made the entire thing taste even better. I also loved the perfectly blanched asparagus - lively green color, still crunchy and the nutty flavor was intact.

Hot Chicken Sandwich for 290Php
Since I was really looking forward to dessert, I just got myself a sandwich. I got their Hot Chicken Sandwich. Great choice! The sandwich was packed and was filling. It had pan seared chicken fillet sitting on top of crisp lettuce, topped with a spicy sauce, cheddar cheese and onions. I'm not really a fan of chicken sandwiches since most of those that I've tried were bland and dry but this one was exceptional. The meat was tender and juicy and packed with flavors. Each bite was a delight though it could get really messy. The sandwich was served with jalapeno slices, just in case you want to up the spiciness, and had some thick cut skin on fries too. I liked that the homemade fries were cut thick straight from whole potatoes and I also liked that the skin was crispy. 

Half Baked Cookie for 180Php
Then there was dessert. I ordered for their "must try" Half Baked Cookie and it did not disappoint. The cookie was served in a Spanish clay pot called Cazuela. It was served fresh out of the oven so expect that it's super hot. We needed to wait for a few minutes before we devoured. What you'll get here is a chocolate chip cookie dough that was literally half-baked making it super moist and gooey. I liked that each time you take a spoonful, melted chocolate will greet you. This dessert was served with a scoop of vanilla ice cream which will help alleviate the heat of the cookie. Just a word of caution though - this is not for those who do not favor extra sweet desserts. Serving is small but then dessert is always sweeter when shared.

Churros Con Tsokolate for 120Php
Aside from the Half Baked Cookie, I also ordered their Churros Con Tsokolate. I've been craving for this for weeks and I just couldn't let the night pass without having some. This dessert was served with lots of love and effort. Six pieces of Churros stacked by two's on a wooden serving board, chocolate sauce in a shot glass and the letters T U S spelled out using cocoa powder on the board. Loved the presentation though I wouldn't say that I liked this one a lot. The Churros were crunchy on the outside but soft inside and they would have been better if they weren't sprinkled with sugar. They were gorgeous and delicious the way they were, no need for some more calorie sprinkle. The Tskolate was a bit runny but was good. Could have been knock out if it was thicker.

Overall, we loved the food in Tus'. I also loved the homey feel of the restaurant. Lights weren't too bright and everything is made up of wood. The place didn't feel so crowded despite the number of tables and chairs. It's always such a pleasant feeling when the restaurant doesn't seem cramped. Thanks to the high ceiling in this place, there's plenty of breathing space and a second floor to boot.

Service was great too. The server was ready each time we needed something even though there was this big group that came in that also took much of his attention. They also let us stay for a bit longer even though they're already closed. My daughter and I took our sweet time savoring our desserts. They didn't rush us and didn't start cleaning up until we left. 

Tus' is such a great restaurant find in the South! Will definitely come back for more.

5 out of 5 Stars for Tus'!

Menu ---

***Tus' Calypots and Skillets: Westgate Center, Commerce Ave, Muntinlupa City

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