Cafe Breton - My First Encounter

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 16 March 2015 | 13:55

My Sunday is usually a lazy one. We wake up late, enjoy family bonding at home, go to church and eat out for dinner or sometimes we opt to cook hearty dinner at home and go out for dessert and coffee. This Sunday, it was the latter. As we were looking for a dessert place that serves good coffee, I remembered that Cafe Breton was very near the church in Magallanes where we usually go. Honestly, I haven't had the chance to try Cafe Breton despite the numerous social media and blog posts about their outstanding crepes. That night was my chance and it was non-negotiable.

The place wasn't packed when we got there so we had the chance to get comfortable and choose our table. Giddy as a child, I checked their menu and had the daughter check it out too for her to choose what she wanted. We arrived at the same order - Le Magnifique! The description was too tempting and the picture of this crepe was the validation. Since you have the option to customize your order, I asked for an additional vanilla ice cream making it a la mode. 

Le Magnifique for 220Php - a la mode for 270Php
So, what was in it? Layers of thin crepe made into a rectangular pocket, filled with fresh bananas, topped with generous heaping of choco-hazelnut spread, whipped cream, almond slivers and the vanilla ice cream that I requested to be added. It was so good! The overall thickness of the crepe was just right. And how can you go wrong with the combination of banana and chocolate? It was perfect! It wasn't too sweet and every bite was indulgence. My daughter and I were not able to stop until we were half-way done. Then we remembered we ordered for spaghetti too.

Spaghetti for 160Php
We also liked their spaghetti. It was meaty and was kid friendly. It wasn't too sour nor too sweet. It had this homey flavor to it. The daughter enjoyed it and even used the bread slices to sweep the bowl clean.

Cafe Mocha for 105Php
Since we went here for coffee as well, I got myself their Cafe Mocha. It was served in a beautiful blue and white cup with saucer. Loved the simplicity of the frothy top with swirls of whipped cream and chocolate drizzle. The coffee though was too sweet for my liking. I should have ordered for a latte instead.

Overall, we had a great time in Cafe Breton. Our glasses were always filled with water and some of the servers even took time to play and chit chat with my daughters. I fancied the colorful tiles on top of our table! Loved the ambiance too - warm lighting, chill music and great customer service - it was the perfect recipe for a relaxed cap off to a lazy weekend. Even though we stayed there for a little while after finishing our orders, the staff didn't mind. I'm really looking forward to spending more Sunday nights here. There's so much more to try! Savory crepes, next!

5 out of 5 Stars for Cafe Breton!

***Cafe Breton - Ground Floor, Mega Center, Paseo de Magallanes, Magallanes, Makati City

---check out this link for other branches :)

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