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It was a laid back Saturday and hubby took me out on a date. After dinner, we went on a search to spot something new along Aguirre Ave in BF Homes. I wanted some good coffee but Magnum Opus was jam packed so we needed to back off. We then spotted Bucky's Counter. We checked and it was too bad that we came in late. They were about to close. Hubby took note of the place and promised to bring me back there the next day with the kiddos. The following day, right after church and dinner, we went back to check on Bucky's Counter. 

As you enter the door
Hello there, Buckies!
Bucky's Counter is  located in the mezzanine area of a new building along Aguirre, just in front of Chloe (that has Tous Les Jours) and is almost near Larcy's. The place was well lit, clean and simple. True to it's name - Bucky's Counter - you won't see a single table there with chairs. Rather, they have long counters in every possible wall space with high chairs. Sharing is the name of the game. If the place gets too packed, you have no choice but to share a counter with strangers, and possible new friends. It was so genius of an idea that the space looked so spacious and clutter free. Each counter had good lighting charging ports. 

Counters at Bucky's Counter :)
A really cozy space to hang out - or even to study or maybe read a good book

Since they're still on soft opening, they only offer Buckies and specialty coffee roasted by Yardstick. They also sell bottles of Ginger Ale from Stanford & Shaw Brewing Co. Looking at their display, which will welcome you once you step inside, we tried the following --

Original Bucky for 70Php - Waffle Style for 150Php
Original Bucky for my daughter. She wanted some ice cream to go with it and it was a good thing that they can make your Bucky into a waffle and add in some ice cream. This was served in a clear bowl with lovely waffle grill marks, a scoop of Madagascar Vanilla Ice Cream and some Salted Caramel syrup from Casa San Luis. The ice cream was so good - rich and creamy, you can even see the specks of vanilla bean in it. But of course, only the best from Carmen's Best. Then the salted caramel syrup added the much needed breakaway from all the sweet stuff - a contrast of flavor, some saltiness in a sea of all things sweet. And of course there was the Original Bucky. It was so moist, so rich in chocolate flavor and so sweet! It's a marriage of a flour-less chocolate cake and a brownie. The daughter chomped on it endlessly until she got satiated. Since the size is bigger than a regular slice of a brownie, this dude is good for sharing, especially if you don't like your sweets too sweet. But if you're a sweet tooth monster like me, you'll definitely chomp this down in no time.

Big Poppa for 100Php
I got a little adventurous with my choice. I got their Big Poppa. It's their Original Bucky, made from dark chocolate, infused with Bourbon, cut horizontally in the middle, smothered with cream cheese and tiny bits of bacon. To finish it all off, they added some more bacon bits on top. Oh golly this was so good. The bacon added some texture to the soft Bucky and added some saltiness too. Each bite will give you a good bacon chew and will definitely make you want more. Again, this one was really sweet. But goes well with coffee.

Flat White for 140Php
Speaking of coffee, I got their Flat White Coffee. They served it in a clear glass with some latte art that can use some more practice. Taste wise, it was all I wanted in my coffee that night - strong, bitter but milky at the same time. There was no need to adjust the sweetness level or the milk content. It was perfect - though I haven't really had a flat white before so there's nothing to compare it with.

Buckies + Coffee!
Overall, we loved our visit. There were no other customers that time so the entire place was ours. The staff were friendly, even tried to play with my youngest. They didn't mind that we were so noisy almost the whole time - how about having a curious 5 year old and a talkative 6 months old that sounds like an alien? They were also kind enough to let me take pictures after pictures of our orders, finding the right lighting, and of my children while I was giving endless instructions to make the pictures perfect. 

What's in a Bucky?
Oh it was the best ending to our lazy weekend! Can't wait to go back to try more of their Buckies! I'm also excited to see how this place will develop it's menu. I'm sure there'll be more good things to come for Bucky's Counter!

5 out of 5 Stars for Bucky's Counter!

***Bucky's Counter : 169 Aguirre Ave., BF Homes, Paranaque City

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