The Wicked Waffle - Not So Wicked at All

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 6 March 2015 | 13:33

Traffic got us this Friday as we were about to fetch my daughter from school. Better Living has been such an unpredictable place when it comes to traffic. One day it's all  smooth and fast then the following it's bumper to bumper. Since we had some time to spare, hubby decided to stop by for some snacks. His plan was to let the traffic subside a little. He offered for us to try The Wicked Waffle.

The Wicked Waffle used to be the space occupied by Bon AppeTea. Maybe things didn't go well for the Milk Tea shop so they got replaced or maybe combined with Wicked Waffle because I noticed that the store still serves Bon AppeTea but the logo is no where to be found. Anyhow, upon entering the store, the smell of poor ventilation welcomed us. There was a little smoke coming out from their kitchen. I shrugged it off and got myself excited with their waffles.

Checking their menu, I got a little confused. You see, they gave us two menus. The items marked as unavailable in one menu where marked available in the other. So I ordered what I wanted anyway - Matcha Red Bean Waffle Sundae. The staff told me that it wasn't available so I showed them their menus. She just shrugged which prompted me that it's hopeless to argue so I just ordered something else. Another Matcha Waffle came into my sight. It was a new product - Matcha with Coconut Jam. Hmmmm, never had my Matcha paired with coconut jam so I got curious. I asked if they can add a scoop of ice cream which I will gladly pay for. I got a hard NO. The experience was getting annoying but I kept my cool. I asked for their Red Velvet Waffle Sundae instead. Hubby, on the other hand got their Mac & Cheese.

Mac & Cheese for 175Php
Mac & Cheese was served first and mind you, it wasn't bad at all. Served with two slices of heavily buttered bread, which I liked by the way, the pasta was al dente and the sauce was thick and cheesy. It was topped with some herbs, bread crumbs and Parmesan cheese. I liked that it wasn't over the top salty. This could be the next favorite Mac & Cheese of my daughter.

Red Velvet Waffle Sundae for 170Php
The waffle was a different story. Serving time took a while and I had to make 2 follow-ups before it was served. The menu described this as such : Red Velvet waffle, vanilla ice cream, cream cheese spread, white chocolate chips, raspberry topping. Urgh! So promising. The waffle was Instagram worthy but I didn't really get what was indicated on the menu. I got a Red Velvet Waffle that was at first good because it was crunchy on the outside and soft beneath. But to claim that this is Red Velvet - come on! It was just like your ordinary grocery bought pancake mix that was colored red. No velvety texture, no chocolate kick. And the cream cheese spread? Oh I think I read the menu wrong! But no! Instead of cream cheese, they used whipped cream and then topped it off with Vanilla ice cream. What about the white chocolate chips? Nah. They've got candy sprinkles instead. 

Burnt edges, uncooked batter - geez
To make things worse, the raspberry topping was way too sweet and beneath the crunchy facade was an uncooked batter with edges that were burnt. So sad. I gave up after finishing half. 

We also noticed that as people started coming in and orders started to pour, the smoke coming from their kitchen got worse. They needed to open the door.

Oh boy it was such a bad experience that even if we liked their Mac & Cheese, we will never ever give this place another chance. Not worth the money and definitely not worth the calories!

2 out of 5 Stars for The Wicked Waffle!

***The Wicked Waffle : 88 Doña Soledad Ave cor Ethiopia St., Better Living Subd., Bicutan, Paranaque City

---you can also find them here:
    Eastwood Cybermall, Libis, Quezon City
    SM City Manila
    G/F Stamford Executive Residences, Mckinley Hill Dr, Taguig City
    Loyola Heights, Quezon City

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  1. "Instagram worthy". I am trying my best not to cringe as i read that. Good god.

    Anyway. Decent review. I have been curious about this place for a while, and somehow it seems worth checking out just once !


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