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Written By clapalisoc on Friday 10 April 2015 | 14:59

It's not our first time to try Village Tavern, since husband has a Bistro Group Premiere Card, but we also do not visit as often since they only have one location - BGC Central. We frequent Krazy Garlik, Friday's, Bulgogi Brothers and Fish & Co. because they have a couple of branches that are readily accessible and are located in malls. But the charm of Village Tavern is so different altogether drawing us back each time there is something special to celebrate about.

In Village Tavern, warm lighting, elegant interiors and great customer service will be with you as you dine. They have an extensive menu and there is so much good stuff to order that we always end up asking our server to give us a few more minutes to decide. They've got an array of appetizers, salad selection, pasta dishes, pizza, burgers, sandwiches, ribs, steak, fish, meat and more meat! And of course, dessert! While waiting for our orders, complimentary bread was served - warm and seems like fresh out of the oven, with herbed olive oil as the dip. My eldest daughter likes this kind of stuff so much that she can eat just this and be done - no further order. Good thing they were generous enough to feed my daughter with more bread! Hah!

Tavern Nachos - Regular for 395Php
We started the night with some Nachos - Tavern Nachos. We only got the regular size but boy it was loaded! You'll get fried corn chips topped with ground beef (which should have been spicy but we were able to ask them to make it kid friendly), black beans shredded lettuce, tomatoes, black olives, salsa, Monterey Jack Cheese and Cheddar Cheese. There were supposed to be Jalapeño slices too but we also requested them to be removed. There was so much topping that each piece of corn chip won't go to your mouth naked.

Ahi Tuna & Potato Salad for 450Php
Then our salad - a new addition to their Entrée Salads, Ahi Tuna and Potato Salad. Grilled Ahi Tuna slices sitting on top of crisp mixed greens and boiled egg chunks that have been tossed in a crab fat dressing. It was also served with marble potatoes smothered with the same dressing. Just look at how gorgeous the tuna slices were. Perfectly done meat surrounding a pinkish red rawness - tender and flavorful, just the right doneness.

Barbecue Pork Sliders for 425Php
We also ordered their Barbecue Pork Sliders. A must for us when we visit Village Tavern. Now don't be deceived. These babies are small in size, done in two bites small, but each one packs a punch. Imagine pork that have been slow roasted with barbecue marinade, pulled and assembled into these sliders and topped with coleslaw - oh so much win! The coleslaw gave contrast to the saltiness of the pork, adding a hint of sweetness. They went so well together!

Carbonara - Lunch for 395Php
Onto their Pasta Selection, we got the Carbonara for Cherienne. This was so good I needed to remind myself that it was for my daughter. They used classic spaghetti as the pasta and tossed it in a very thick and creamy white sauce, added some really good bacon (applewood-smoked bacon) and topped with poached egg. I can order this again and again.

Pasta & Fish for 375Php
We also tried another pasta dish - Pasta and Fish. This one did not make so much of an impact. It was just okay. You'll get a bed of angel hair pasta with either Portofino or Bacon Pesto sauce (and of course we opted for bacon pesto), topped with breaded and deep fried fish. Sauce was a little bland and I expected a stronger pesto flavor. Even a dash of salt did not do the trick. The fish, on the other hand, had a good crunch outside but it was tender inside. Totally okay to skip next time.

French Cut Pork Chop for 595Php
My husband, the carnivore, wouldn't let the night pass without ordering a big chunk of meat. Pork chop is an ultimate favorite of his so his order of French Cut Pork Chop was not surprising. What's surprising though was the serving size. It was such a huge pork chop sitting on top of spinach risotto. The meat was so tender and flavorful and I later learned that it was sous vide at low temperature. Best pork chop ever!

Bacon and Chicken Pizza for 475Php
Next stop - pizza. We got their Bacon and Chicken Pesto Pizza. This was a great choice! With a sourdough pizza base, the crust wasn't too thin and it had this certain chewiness which I liked. The sauce was creamy pesto that was topped with grilled chicken strips, applewood-smocked bacon, thin slices of Parmesan cheese and fresh Arugula. Everything went so well together and I loved that the basil flavor wasn't too strong. We didn't finish this and took it home. The next day, I just popped the slices into the oven for a couple of minutes and they were still so good.

Banana Crepes for 395Php
For dessert, we ordered their Banana Crepes. I was intrigued with what I saw in the picture because it didn't quite look like traditional flat crepes. This dessert was as good as it looked! You'll get a plate with caramel sauce, two round crepes layered with chocolate hazelnut then filled with banana ice cream sitting on top of fresh bananas. And it didn't end there. It was finished off with generous drizzle of thick chocolate sauce and another big scoop of banana ice cream! Oh so good. I liked that the banana ice cream was thick and creamy and it captured the flavor of fresh bananas. Definitely worth coming back for more.

Freshly Squeezed Orange Juice for 195Php
My daughter also requested for an orange juice that night. It took them a while to serve it and when we drank it, we realized that it was freshly squeezed. Literally bitter and sour orange juice freshness with pulpy bits, we needed to ask for some sugar to make it a little pleasant to drink.

Complimentary coffee c/o our Bistro Group Premier Card

We were in the restaurant for a good 3 hours and I must commend the patience of our server with all the requests that we made. Dining with a 5 year old and a 7 month old was not easy. Utensils falling here and there, the need for a lot of table napkins, hot water request, etc, etc. It was so easy to catch the attention of their staff too given that the house was full that night. It's always a good experience in Village Tavern. Definitely one of our top restaurants.

5 out of 5 Stars for Village Tavern!

***Village Tavern : 2/F Bonifacio High Street Central, 7th Ave, Taguig City

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