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Mama Lou's is a hidden gem in BF Homes. You have to take some turns to the quiet streets of the place, shying away from the busy Aguirre and President's Ave. It's located in a corner lot with a big house that's been converted into a homey restaurant. If you want the alfresco style of dining, you can settle in their garden area. Just beware because this area is where they allow their guests to smoke so if that's a deal, then, you should opt for the enclosed area.

The enclosed area has this homey vibe. Once you get in, you'll immediately notice the strategic way that the house was converted into a restaurant. You'll be able to identify the living room and the dining room, separated by this arched partition. 

Looking at their menu, there was so much to order! After carefully checking out each section of the menu, we decided to get the following --- 

Poutine for 160php + 35 for Bacon
Poutine! This Canadian antipasti is a favorite in our family. We usually order this when it pops out of a menu. Here in Mama Lou's you can make this glorious bowl of fries, smothered with gravy and mozzarella, even better by adding bacon. Loved the gravy and the gooey cheese! The bacon bits were thick and they gave out extra saltiness to the dish.

Proscuitto Funghi (L) for 425Php
Prosciutto Funghi was our choice for pizza. We got the large size, with 12 slices. I have this Anchovy addiction lately so the very supportive husband asked our server to add some into the pizza. I was also looking into adding some Arugula because it goes well with prosciutto but didn't find the option in the menu. I was really surprised and so much delighted when the pizza was served with alfalfa sprouts and arugula on the side! Yay! The greens added freshness into the pizza! The crust was thin, very thin and soft, that you can roll it just like a Panizza. But I'm not complaining since it was loaded with mozzarella and prosciutto! Oh I loved this pizza instantly!

Truffle Mac & Cheese for 285Php
Then we got their Truffle Mac & Cheese. It was creamy and cheesy, gooey even from the generous heaping of mozzarella, and the truffle oil was not overpowering. The little girl loved it!

Mozzarella Burger Steak for 295Php
Hubby got their Mozzarella Burger Steak. I loved that the burger steak was big and juicy and had melted mozzarella inside. The promise of 100% beef patty did not disappoint. It came in with a thick mushroom sauce and a mix of veggies on the side. Really good stuff.

We also took advantage of the ongoing looloo special. The manager confirmed that we qualified for it, entered the code into my looloo app and marked it as redeemed. Then she came back only to inform us that she made a mistake since the special is not available on Sundays. Got a little disappointed but then she came back when we were about to finish our meal and gave us a slice of cake, on the house.

Chocolate Cake - Compliments of the House
Now the Chocolate Cake. It wasn't your old fashioned brownie like cake. It was cake-y, in fact, but was filled with cream in between layers. Then it was covered with a thick chocolate sauce and smothered with nuts. It wasn't too striking so it's okay to skip next time.

Servers were friendly and attentive. The little girl liked their basket of bread with tomato and pesto dip, served while waiting for orders. She even asked for more and they willingly gave us about 2 more servings!

We loved our Mama Lou's experience. It's that one place in BF Homes to go to when craving for Italian food. We will definitely go back.

5 out of 5 stars for Mama Lou's!

***Mama Lou's Italian Kitchen : Lot 36, Blk. 1 Tropical Ave. cor. Palace St., BF International Village, Las Pinas City

---you can also find them here:

***G/F UP Town Center, Katipunan Ave., Quezon City
***Solenad 2, Tagaytay Rd. cor. Nuvali Blvd., Nuvali, Sta. Rosa, Laguna

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