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Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 22 April 2015 | 12:27

It was a quiet Sunday and we were in Tarlac City to visit my parents. Hubby and I went to mass and right after we went looking for a local coffee shop. We tried Tarlac Citywalk, name reminded me of Eastwood Citywalk. It wasn't as big as I though it was but they have ample parking space and alfresco dining area.

Looking around, we spotted Cafroozzo. It was spacious but even so, it was packed. I saw orders after orders of big platters of pasta being served. Looked like each group were having a grand time. There were no more seats available inside the restaurant so we settled outside, alfresco style. Good thing that the breeze that night was somehow cool. 

Their menu listed pizzas, waffles, pasta, salad, nachos and some other fried starters. Their beverage list had coffee, frappes, milk tea and some other coolers. 

Cafroozzo Tarlac City White Mocha
White Mocha for 89Php
I opted for their White Mocha and there was nothing better than waffles to pair it with. Sad news, their waffles were not available. So I let it pass and opted for pizza instead. However, the server informed us that their serving time for pizza was 30 minutes! WHY?  I said no. Getting a little impatient, I just got their Nachos to end the chase. Coffee and nachos? Why not? 

Cafroozzo Tarlac City
Cafroozzo Tarlac City Walk

The coffee was okay, not bad. Loved the tall glass, the froth, the heart-shaped cream on top and the gorgeous layering of coffee and milk. It didn't taste like instant coffee but it also didn't give a strong espresso kick. Anyhow, it was just fine with me. It was still decent considering the price and I finished it to the last drop.

Cafroozzo Tarlac City Nachos
Nachos for about 150Php

I was surprised though when the Nachos was served. What a huge pile! Honestly, for a regular order, there was a lot! But as we dug in, we discovered what it was really about - loads of shredded cabbage! Urgh! Yes there was ground beef that looked a lot but the mountain of shredded cabbage was deceiving. Taste wise, it was okay. 

Overall service was okay. I just hope that servers would jump in and help customers that are obviously first timers in choosing what to get. It'll really help if they're proactive and will smile a little. 

Until I find another Cafe in Tarlac City, I would probably go back here for a warm cup of coffee.

3 out of 5 Stars for Cafroozzo!

***Cafroozzo: Tarlac City Walk Mall, Zamora St. San Roque, Tarlac City

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