Hai Chix and Steaks: A Steak-ful Dinner!

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I've heard a lot about Hai Chix & Steaks and it has been highly recommended by friends. I know that my carnivore husband would want to visit but Green Hills can be a tough destination for South people. The news of a Makati branch was music to our ears but I've heard that the quality is not the same. So I decided to let Hai Chix & Steaks go, leaving our chance of visiting to destiny LOL

Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Feast at Hai Chix & Steaks!

Then I got an invite for a weekday dinner and of course, I didn't resist! Hai Chix & Steaks x Zomato x foodfanaticph = STEAK FEAST!!!

Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Hai Chix and Steaks, Green Hills

Hai Chix & Steaks is located just beside the building that houses Dohtonbori & Carousel Creamery - just in front of Gloria Maris Green Hills. You have to take several steps up since it's located above Wine Depot. 

Hai Chix and Steaks interiors
Some details of the restaurant plus their open kitchen

Don't fret, all your efforts will be rewarded because the place has a chill ambiance, homey and relaxed. They have an open kitchen where you'll see them cook your food!

Hai Chix and Steaks restaurant interior details
Simple decorations plus those lights that make the place festive!

Hai Chix and Steaks
My favorite table is the one in front of the mirror! That elevated space used to be the stairs that will lead to Wine Depot!

Hai Chix and Steaks restaurant details
Tables put side by side for big groups!

Hai Chix and Steaks
Promo for 2017 graduates!

Sir Sonny, the owner, was there with is head chef to welcome us. He shared stories of how they started, their regular customers and their expansions. We had a feast with a lot of servings of steak! 

Appetizer: Butter Garlic Shrimps & Steak Bites 

Butter Garlic Shrimps from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Butter Garlic Shrimps for 295Php

One delicious appetizer! Served with bread slices, the shrimps were cooked just right, swimming in delicious butter & garlic! Great start for a great meal ahead!

Steak Bites from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Steak Bites

Crostini slices topped with small slices of steak, toasted steak fat, mayo based dressing and finished off with cheese, perfect small bites before indulging yourself with the real deal steak! 

Soup: Curry Laksa

Curry Laksa from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Curry Laksa for 220Php

This one fell short of expectations. I love Laksa since it has coconut milk. The mix of gata and ginger appeals so much to me. This  Laksa needed a stronger flavor and more heat. More ginger and coconut milk perhaps? Or just more of the Laksa Paste, maybe.

Pasta: Manila Clams

Manila Clams Pasta from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Manila Clams Pasta for 270Php

This one was simple but I liked it! The seafood flavor went well with garlic. The flavors were light on the palate.  

Fish: Fish & Chips

Fish & Chips from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Fish & Chips for 295Php

A tower of fried fish "fingers", the batter was light and crunchy. The fish fillet inside was juicy and tasty! I loved each bite. Perfect match for beer or maybe can be a good starter too.

Chicken: Buffalo Wings, Chicken Sandwich, Hai Chix Adobo and Hainanese Chicken Rice

Buffalo Wings from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Buffalo Wings for 255Php

Not your usual wings with the distinct sour and spicy Buffalo Sauce but these were equally good! Loved the crisp skin with a peppery kick and the slight sweetness. No need for the dipping sauce honestly.

Chicken Sandwich from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Chicken Sandwich for 225Php

New in their menu, this was served with fries. Looked good but was not able to try this.

Hai Chix Adobo from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Hai Chix Adobo for 340Php

A bed of Hainanese rice with lots of garlic, topped with hard boiled egg slices and a good portion of tender chicken. 

Hai Chix Adobo from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
A closer look at this dish

I'd say that this one was a little bland for me since I was expecting a stronger Adobo flavor.

Hainanese Chicken Rice for 280Php

A house specialty, I must say that this was good! Loved that the chicken portion was so tender, tasty and with just the right hint of ginger. The dipping sauces made each spoonful the best! Ginger - chili - sweet thick soy sauce, these complimented each other well.

Beef: Steak Paella, Ribeye and Porterhouse Steak

Ribeye Steak Paella from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Ribeye Steak Paella for 550Php

Paella topped with tender and juicy steak slices? Count me in! The rice was tasty and wet and the steak slices were heavenly! Juicy and tender, they went well with the rice!

US Angus Ribeye from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
US Angus Ribeye 650g for 2750Php

Any meat lover will fall in love with Hai Chix! Their Ribeye was so tender and juicy. Good form, great sear and well seasoned, the flavor of the beef was the highlight.  I also liked how they serve their steak. They take out some of the fat and chop them up into smaller pieces, toast them until crispy and put them on top of the steak! The crunchy contrast to the soft meat was a welcome surprise! Definitely added a delicious charm to the steak!

US Angus Porter House from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
US Angus Porter House for 3250Php

Huge serving of Porterhouse, I loved this more than the Ribeye because for me, it was 
tastier. The meat was as tender and juicy, same great form and sear, well seasoned. 

Porter House from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
A closer look at this glorious meat with all the juices!

It was topped with crunchy bits of toasted fat as well. Eat this with rice or with the sides, even on it's own - it's delicious!

Then there was dessert. Chocolate Lava Cake, Sansrival, Apple Pie, Apple Pie with Ice Cream

Chocolate Lava Cake from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Chocolate Lava Cake for 150Php

Served warm in a ramekin, eat this right away to get that chocolate gooey explosion from the middle! Rich in chocolate but not too sweet, I would like a scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream here for the perfect hot and cold decadence.

Cashew Sansrival from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Cashew Sansrival for 150php

This was honestly good! Generous serving of cashew, light and crunchy meringue, sweet cream - I loved this! A good take on Sansrival.

Apple Pie from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Apple Pie for 150Php

I was surprised that a steak house serves good dessert and this Apple Pie is highly recommended! Loved the sweet streusel covering layers of thinly sliced apples. It was moist with just the right amount of cinnamon. I loved every bit of this!

Apple Pie with Ice Cream from Hai Chix and Steaks Green Hills
Apple Pie with Ice Cream for 200Php

The same Apple Pie as above but was plated differently. Served in a shallow bowl, the same sweet streusel served as the bed of thinly sliced apples topped with a hefty scoop of Vanilla Ice Cream. Oh heaven! Worth every calorie!

Definitely enjoyed our dinner here. Such a delight to see the owner, Sonny, so hands on with his business. Can't wait to go back with my family!

4.5 out of 5 Stars for Hai Chix and Steaks!

--- Hai Chix and Steaks: Second Floor, 6 Missouri Street, Greenhills, San Juan City

***you can also find them here:

--- Ground Floor, Techno Point Building, Julia Vargas Avenue, Ugong, Pasig City
--- Ground Floor, Signa Designer Residences, Valero Corner Rufino Street, Salcedo Village, Makati City

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