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Kapitolyo is one popular foodie destination because of it's streets lined up with restaurants! Cafes, diners, hole in the walls, food parks, bars and pubs, dessert stops - there's something for every type of foodie. Most restaurants do not have branches anywhere else but some have made it big making them put up ventures all over the Metro! Silantro is one good example and then there's Mad Mark's too. What's also interesting about Kapitolyo is that there's always a new restaurant waiting to be discovered. Each visit will lead you to a new spot or nook so there's always a reason to come back!

Went to Kapitolyo early this week for yet another FOOD TOUR, also known as food crawl. Five stops, lunch to dinner with a bonus of after dinner booze! Thanks to my friends from Zomato, all of our stops were sponsored! Zomato x foodfanaticph = Crazy Fun Kapitolyo Food Crawl!

Ultimate BullChef Special Bulalo from BullChef Kapitolyo

First Stop was this hole in the wall that has been highly recommended by some friends. For years and years I have been seeing this small unassuming place offering what others dub as "the best Bulalo in the Metro" - BullChef. I have never tried this place for reasons that I don't really know. 

BULLSisig from BullChef Kapitolyo
Beef Sisig? BullChef has it!

Warmly welcomed by one of it's owners, Jeli Mateo, she told us the story behind BullChef or Bulalo Chef. She shared that they came up with the idea because their family loves Bulalo but can't find a place in the Metro that serves a good version. She said that they always end up going to Tagaytay for their Bulalo fix. Since they grew up eating Bulalo because of their Grandma, who can whip up crazy good Bulalo and Sinigang na Bulalo, they decided to use their family recipes for a restaurant of their own.

Operating for almost 6 years now, I would say that they have unlocked the secret to their Grandmas hearty soup creating patrons from all over the Metro!

Onto the food, Jeli had us try their best sellers ---

BULLSisig from BullChef
BULLSisig for 219Php (solo/a la carte) | 175Php (set meal with rice and soup)

This is their version of Sisig. Instead of using the usual pork as meat, they used beef here. It has the usual Sisig ingredients like onions, chicharon, green chili, egg on top and calamansi on the side. Since the meat is beef, this one's tastier than the usual pork.

Ultimate BullChef Special from BullChef
Ultimate BullChef Special for 629Php (set meal with 3 plain rice) | 575Php (solo/a la carte)

This is their Ultimate Bulalo! Packed with 200g of Bulalo Meat, Ligament in bones, Japanese Corn, Pechay Baguio, Baguio Beans and three pieces of chopped-up bones with sinful marrow - this bowl is definitely good for sharing! 

Ultimate BullChef Special from BullChef

The meat is not the usual beef chunks. They used slices of beef, more like what you'll get when you buy Sirloin Breakfast Steak, only thicker. There was a good fat distribution in each portion making each bite melt in your mouth! So tender and tasty! I must admit that the broth tasted really good as well. A rich beef flavor with just the right saltiness, I promise you that you would want extra cups of rice! As for the bone marrow, Jeli shared that they do not mix the marrow with extenders, just like how other restaurants do it. They only serve the real deal and they made it easy for their customers to scoop out the good stuff by providing Popsicle sticks!

BULLusok from BullChef
BULLusok for 179Php (solo/a la carte) | 205Php (set meal with rice and soup)

This is their version of Sizzling Bulalo. Served in a sizzling plate, this one  has 80g of Sizzling Bulalo Steak, bone portion with marrow, gravy, lots of garlic and mixed veggies. The gravy sauce was thick and this dish was overall tasty with tender meat.

AsimBULL from BullChef
AsimBULL for 355Php (solo/a la carte) | 389Php (set menu with 2 plain rice)

I love Beef Sinigang! I sometimes cook this home when I want a variety to our weekly Pork Sinigang. Beef makes the soup of Sinigang tastier, IMO. BullChef's AsimBULL has a soup that's thicker than usual. Jeli shared that they use real tamarind puree and customers can request for the sourness to be adjusted. Their Beef Sinigang has 150g of meat,  an assortment of veggies and two cuts of bone with marrow!

Overall, I loved the dishes that they served. Jeli told us that they source their meat both in the Metro and in Tagaytay. She said that her father does the sourcing to make sure that they only get quality meat with good fat distribution. They're also thinking of expanding, which is a good news!

Warning: do not expect fancy interiors and furnishings when you go to this place. It's the perfect description of hole in the wall because of the small space with just a couple of tables and chairs. It's like a local karinderya with aircon. It can get cramped here and the ambiance - wait, what ambiance? LOL

4.5 Stars for BullChef!

--- BullChef: #4 East Capitol Drive, Barangay, Kapitolyo, Pasig City 1603

Bullchef: The Bulalo Chef Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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