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Mad Mark's - Mad for Ice Cream!!!

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 13 September 2013 | 12:03

It was a rainy Saturday night and we were out for dinner! The little girl wanted ice cream so we did not let the rain hinder us from getting the cold treat. Since we were in Kapitolyo, Mad Mark's was the best choice!

The store was small but was bright and clean. We got their menu and ordered 3 double scoop and 1 single scoop. We were with friends, that's why!

Javan Hot Chocolate Scoop on top of Half Baked Madagascar Scoop
The famous Half Baked Madagascar with a scoop of Javan Hot Chocolate. Perfect combo! The ice cream base was rich and creamy. It had that thick consistency with each flavor rising evident. Just so good! 

Half Baked Madagascar is a best seller. The main flavor was vanilla. That classic vanilla flavor that you'll get when you buy pure grade vanilla, usually used for baking, like those being sold by The Vanilla Company. It was rich and buttery. There were also specs of vanilla beans. This flavor also had chewy bits of cookie/cookie dough which I liked. 

The chocolate scoop was a hit too! Javan Hot Chocolate - dark chocolate flavor that was made rich by the creamy base, it was chocolaty but not too sweet!

Roasted Pecan Scoop on top of Half Baked Madagascar Scoop
Then there was the Roasted Pecan and Half Baked Madagascar Combo. The Roasted Pecan was surely nutty, in a vanilla based cream too. It reminded me of the pecan chunks in my all time favorite ChocoPecanBon from Cinnabon. Honestly, this one could have been better if it was buttered like the oh so yummy Buttered Pecan from Selecta (I think).

Single Scoop of Banana Foster
I also got a single scoop of Banana Foster. I wasn't really sure what to expect and was thinking of a banana milkshake kind of flavor but it was more than that! The scoop had real banana bits in a cinnamon infused base. What's even more interesting was the swirl of salted caramel. It gave texture and contrast to the sweet treat.

The prices were affordable too. 110php for two big scoops that's good for sharing and 70php for a single scoop. In my opinion, this place offers the best value for money artisan ice cream yet! It's just so amazing how they were able to lock in all the flavors into their ice cream. Just like any other artisan ice cream in the market, they create theirs in small batches, making sure that each batch is freshly made. 

Only thing I didn't like was the service. The order taker looked annoyed and wasn't paying attention when I was ordering. She wasn't proactive too in explaining the flavors considering that I told her it was my first time to try. She did not even recommend their best sellers. When I asked, she was too busy looking around the room. Anyhow... they also have an extensive food menu. We will definitely go back to sample their dishes and get some more of their ice cream!

--- Mad Mark's (Creamery and Good Eats) : 23 East Capitol Drive, Kapitolyo, Pasig City

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