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Silom Thai Food

Written By clapalisoc on Monday 16 September 2013 | 10:25

Finally! A decent Thai Resto near home! Yay!

It was a lazy afternoon and we were in SM Bicutan for some grocery rounds. Hubby got hungry and I wanted more than just the usual SBM flair. I wanted some good Thai food and we both knew that we needed to get out of the place. As we make our turn towards the escalator, ready to go to the parking area, we saw a new restaurant on soft opening - Silom, a Thai Restaurant! Great!

The resto looked really good. The most modern and well decorated in the mall. It looked so out of place that I immediately thought that it would be better off in a place like BF Homes. The place was decorated tastefully - not too much but definitely classy. It was well lit with mirrors here and there to create an illusion of a bigger space. 

Silom Thai Restaurant
Simple but elegant interiors
Mirrors here and there... Love the lamps too!

Looking at their menu, we ordered for the following ---

Tom Yum Chicken Soup for 175php
I haven't really had Tom Yum in my life and was not sure what to expect. When it was served, the aroma of a sour broth lingered and I wasn't able to help my self take a sip even if it was so hot! So, that was what Tom Yum was all about --- sour soup, almost Sinigang like, but had an assortment of herbs and spices. My local taste buds liked it! The chicken chunks were tender and the veggies were done right - not soggy at all! Great Tom Yum first time!

Shrimp Pad Thai for 185php
Ahhhh my favorite! We got the Shrimp Pad Thai and it was served beautifully, garnished with some bean sprouts, parsley, crushed peanuts and green lemon slices. Sadly, the noodles were overcooked and as I hunt for the shrimps, I got really frustrated when I took a bite - overcooked as well. Since I was really craving for Pad Thai, I ignored the sad noodles and focused on the overall taste. To be fair, this was one of the best Pad Thai I've had. The characteristic saltiness and sweetness were there made interesting by the sour kick when you squeeze the fresh green lemon slices. Could have been knock out! Anyway, I'll give them a chance and try this out again next time. They were still on soft opening.

Thai Pork Spareribs for 245php
 Hubby just couldn't let go of his pork chop craving that day but decided to drop it when he saw this dish. Tender and well marinated meat served with garlic bits and garnished with parsley, these were good! Salty and a tad sweet! 

Jasmine Rice for 35php
Of course, hubby ordered for extra rice. I fell in love with the cup used to serve the rice. It wasn't the real silver thing, it was made of thick plastic but it was just so gorgeous!

Thai Iced Milk Tea for 88php
The best I've had so far! Really really refreshing with that strong bitter and earthy flavor, well balanced by the milk added. The presentation was lovely too. Served as soon as they have poured the milk. When it gets to your table, you'll see the white liquid cascading down the rich orange tea. Genius!

Can't get enough of the Thai Milk Tea!
Overall, it was a pleasant experience. The owners were there busy checking on some paper works. Both checked if we needed anything and one extended some time to check on the food. I gave him an honest opinion and made sure he knew about the Pad Thai. He accepted feedback well and gave us discount on the Pad Thai! Yay!

Condiments, anyone?
Will definitely go back here if craving for some Thai Food. I'm also interested to try out their SM Aura Branch - Tamarind. Learned from one of the owners that SM required them to change their name each time they will open a branch in an SM Mall. They've got Tamarind in Aura and Silom in SM Bicutan. Then, since they're opening up a new branch in SM BF, they would need to submit a new name for it. Hmmmm...SM's marketing strategy for non-established businesses.

--- Silom Thai Food : UG/F SM City Bicutan, Doña Soledad Ave. , Bicutan, Parañaque City

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