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Top Torikatsu - Quick Meal, Tasty Bites

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 17 September 2013 | 14:50

I remember those days when I was still single, living on my own with a fast paced life. I usually rely on take outs, deliveries and even canned goods when I'm home for that quick hunger fix. Always on the go, with a schedule that's packed day in and out. I didn't have time to cook and moreover, I didn't know how to cook a decent meal. I can fry, yes, and boil maybe. But aside from that, I'm a useless junkie in the kitchen. 

Today, I have slowed down a little. I'm able to cook decent meals for me and my family. But there will always be those days were you get pressed for time, joggling several chores and responsibilities at once that it's always handy to stock some quick grabs into the freezer. We always have hot dogs, bacon and chicken nuggets in our fridge. But most times, our taste buds get tired of these and would want to try something else. Something new and exciting.

Endorsers of Top Torikatsu - the boys of BNO and Ellen Adarna
As we scout the supermarket freezers this week for our regular grocery rounds, hubby saw a new product - Top Torikatsu from Bountry Fresh. Bounty Fresh has an assortment of chicken products - from plain whole chicken, parts, chicken balls, lollipops, breaded fillet and my ever favorite marinated chicken whole (which is perfect for roasting in the oven with some marbled potatoes). They provide fresh and top-quality chicken products delivering a tag line of "Asia's Best." Hubby got two packs with two different flavors - Classic and Cheese & Chives. 

I had that pressing moment just yesterday. I needed to cook and do all sorts of chores and errands at the same time. Thank goodness I had the Top Torikatsu in my fridge. I just needed to deep fry the pieces and in about 3 minutes, they were ready! Great! No hassle, no fuss at all! Anyone can cook these babies!

The Classic Variant of Top Torikatsu
Based on the infamous Japanese breaded chicken cutlet dish, Top Torikatsu is made from the choicest, 100% chicken breasts. One bite and you'll notice that the meat was tender. I also loved the crunch and texture given off by the breadcrumbs coating. 

Cheese and Chives Variant of Top Torikatsu
The Classic Variant is filled with rich and delectable mayonnaise. While the Cheese and Chives oozes out with some cream cheese and bits of chives. Tasty and easy to prepare dish, really effortless but impressive!

The Boys of BNO and Ellen Adarna
It's really a good news that something as easy to cook and yummy as this is now out in the market. You'll get 450 grams, with 6 hearty pieces of Torikatrsu, for only 179php. Those with active lifestyles do not need to suffer tasteless and bland processed food. For the first time, there is this product that do not sacrifice taste in exchange of ease in cooking. Impressively, you'll get both with Top Torikatsu! Not only that! Children can enjoy this treat too! I have tried it myself! Pair it up with some soup (like crab and corn or mushroom) and get some sliced tomatoes on the side. No one will ever think that it was cooked straight from the bag!

***Note: Pictures in this blog were sourced out from Top Torikatsu's official site

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