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What's with the Cronuts? Wildflour's take

Written By clapalisoc on Friday 27 September 2013 | 10:12

It was a fine Monday morning. Hubby and I were in Wildflour at around 10:30AM. He gave in to my Cronut and Bomboloni nudging and decided to help me kill some time as I wait for my friends for our lunch date. 

The place was half full when we got there, with people (mostly professionals) having their brunch. As we enter, the smell of freshly backed goodies welcomed us, together with the smiles of Wildflour's staff. They ushered us into the table that we reserved.

Looking into their pastry display, I was hoping to spot some Cronuts. There were three, actually, but they looked so sad... Let me explain further...They were plain Cronuts, you see, and I was wishing to try different flavors. So, I passed on my Cronut chance to the next giddy customer. The staff said that the next batch should be ready at around 11AM. Not bad. I can wait! 

As we wait for the new batch of Cronuts to arrive, we settled ourselves with one Nutella Bomboloni each. Finally!!! They've been a craze for a while. You must be thinking, WTH is Bomboloni?!? I asked the same question, searched Google and tada!!! Simply put, a Bomboloni is an Italian filled doughnut. 

Nutella Bomboloni for 75php
They were small. First timer here, yeah! This little round though was really soft, filled with Nutella and covered with cinnamon-sugar. I didn't find it so WOW though. It was just right. I remembered those doughnuts we used to buy in the province from those vendors roaming the streets during hot summer days, when I was a child. Those brownish rounds filled with pineapple jam and then covered with sugar! Bombolonis were the upscale version. 

Fast forward to about 30 minutes, the Cronuts were served, joining the other pastries. Since it was still early, there were no people lining up. I got four different flavors - Tiramisu, Strawberry, Dulce de Leche & Chocolate w/Nuts.

Wildflour Cronuts - Premium for 150php each and Plain for 120php each
The Cronut itself was flaky, giving a crunch once you bite in. If you've tried croissants in Le Coeur de France, Wildflour's Cronuts were flakier than those (thus, crispier too). You can see the layers of pastry as you take a bite. It had the right sweetness, but can go overboard with the toppings. Each Cronut was cut in the middle, horizontally, and filled with cream. One thing though, they were a tad oily. 

Tiramisu - Premium Cronut
I loved the Tiramisu flavored one, with the slight coffee flavor of the cream. I also liked the bitter sweet chocolate covering the top, together with the cocoa powder. 

Strawberry - Premium Cronut
The strawberry glaze in this Cronut was really good too. Thick with a fresh strawberry taste to it.

Then there was Dulce de Leche. It was sweet, too sweet I would say. But the topping was thick and rich and was almost yema like.

I shared the other Cronut so I can't tell how it was.

Then when it was lunch time, people started lining up for the Cronuts. They didn't want the resto to get too crowded so they make people line outside and let two to three to get inside to take their pick. Here is the thing...when the line starts to build up, you're not allowed to get as much as you want. They set the limit depending on the number of people waiting! Then, if you are dining in,  you can only order two Cronuts per table. Yup, that's per table and not per person. Precious little Cronuts!

Two trays of freshly baked Cronuts, about 2-3 dozens per tray, gone in less than 30 minutes! WHOA!!!!

--- Wildflour CafĂ© + Bakery : G/F Net Lima Bldg., 4th Ave. cor. 26th St., BGC, Taguig City

***you can also find them here: 1/F The Podium, ADB Ave., Ortigas Center, Mandaluyong City

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