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Kuppa is LOVE

Written By clapalisoc on Wednesday 2 October 2013 | 19:12

It was a rainy afternoon and we were meaning to go to Kuppa for lunch. We got into some unexpected turns and plans did not work out. Since we were already in the area, I thought that a visit to Kuppa would still be possible. I was eyeing on their dessert menu.

As soon as we entered the restaurant, I fell in love with the ambiance - chill and laid back, no rush kind of air which gives the impression of "just do what you have to." There were a couple of groups sitting comfortably - chit chatting, working with their laptops, dealing with their smart phones, sipping coffee, eating dessert and eating full meals. The music was just the right type - hip and happening. The servers were attentive and their menu was proud.

Choco Peanut Bombe for 140php
Since we went here for dessert, I asked for their dessert menu and ordered for the best seller - Choco Peanut Bombe. When it was served, I thought I was up for a chocolate shell covered something. Once I dug in, I was surprised with the softness! There was a base of peanut butter flavored chocolate brownie type of cake, then a ball of soft and light cream that reminded me of cream cheese. Then the whole thing was covered with a thick and rich chocolate blanket. It was not so sweet but it was so good! The contrast between the light cream and the rich chocolate blanket was perfect, throw in some saltiness from the peanut butter.

Lechec Flan for 55php
Then we also ordered for their Leche Flan - I have been craving for this! It had the consistency and texture that I was looking for - soft, smooth and super creamy with the right sweetness coming from the caramel sauce. It was good! I just knew that there was enough egg yolk vs. egg white in it and a good quality of milk. Only that can give you a smooth and creamy texture, shying away from the jello kind of texture that some would offer.

I wasn't able to get over the place. Even after a day, I still can't get it off my mind. I just had to go back! And so we did.... the day after for lunch. Still the same comforting ambiance and welcoming staff. Yay! I'm starting to like this place a lot. It's one of those places that can brighten up a gloomy day.

Checking on their proud menu, we got the following ---

I've seen a lot of good reviews about their San Andres Tapa which made me want to try it. Even though it seemed odd for hubby that I'm ordering TAPA despite all the other offerings in their menu, I gave it a go. 

San Andres Tapa for 240php
Pulpy Orange Juice
It was served with two eggs, garlic fried rice and your choice of drink (orange juice, hot choco or coffee). There was nothing super special about it. BUT it was the kind of Tapa that I was looking for. Tender pieces of meat that were salty shying away from the usual thin bacon like, sweet version. The portion reminded me of pork tips. Problem was, the serving was little. You see, I'm more of an "ulam" kind of person so this serving was not enough. I was left with more than  half of the garlic rice and eggs to get me full. I also liked that their orange juice was the "Florida's Natural" type and not powdered.

Prosciutto ed Arugula for 360php
We also ordered their Prosciutto ed Arugula Pizza. Beautifully served. There was generous heaping of meat and lump of greens in the center, dressed in olive oil! I liked the saltiness of the prosciutto, as balanced by the freshness of the greens. The pizza had the right softness and crunch too.

Classic Carbonara for 220php
The little girl asked for some pasta so we got her their Classic Carbonara, in spaghetti. I wasn't really expecting much from this because Carbonara is a known crowd favorite and is, as always, a safe order. I tried it out and believe it or not, it was one of the best Carbonara that I've tried so far. It was simple and straight forward, yet it was so delicious! Al dente pasta in a rich and creamy egg sauce topped with bacon. As simple as it can get.

Then of course on the second visit, we wanted more of the Choco Peanut Bombe. We stayed for a bit longer than we normally do in other restaurants. We were just there, observing the other customers as they come and go, endless chit chat and of course, the little girl enjoyed scanning through the magazines and newspapers! The staff didn't mind at all. They re-filled our glasses with water, cleared our table but did not really made us feel that our time was up. 

Oh how I love Kuppa!

--- Kuppa - Roastery & Cafe : Commercenter Bldg., 31st St cor 4th Ave Fort Bonifacio, Taguig City

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