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Matgalne - Korean Buffet

Written By clapalisoc on Sunday 6 October 2013 | 17:53

You say Samgyupsal, we say YEAH! You say Japchae, we say PLEASE! You say Bibimbap, we say WHY NOT! Korean food overload? Bring it on!

Hubby and I are big Korean cuisine fanatics. Hubby used to work part time as an English Teacher to Korean Nationals so he got exposed to their culture and cuisine. We have Samgyupsal cravings every now and then. If our pockets are full, we go to Bulgogi Brothers or Seoul Korean Barbeque. Else, we go to MinSok!

There was this one fine holiday when my college buddies decided to meet up and go pig out! We wanted some buffet - para sulet! We found Matgalne. I was a little hesitant since the last Korean buffet I had was a major fail - ipis alert! But I decided to drop the prejudice.

The BUFFET area
Matgalne is not so easy to find because you won't really see the "Matgalne" sign outside. The name is written in Korean. But anyhow, it was the only Korean resto in that area, right across St. Giles - along Kalayaan Ave.

Kimchi, please...
Some veggies - some were fresh and some were fried
Veggie dishes, Japchae, meat dish and Bibimbap on the far end
For dipping purposes
The dishes were lined up in the L shaped corner - kimchi of all sorts, japchae, bibimbap, salad mix, a load full of side dish, soup, lettuce of all types, more greens, more veggies, dips and some meat dishes. They also have this section that'll let you make your own steaming hot Korean soup. 

Samgyupsal, ready for grilling!
Then there's Samgyupsal (pork belly slices) and Chadolbaegi (bacon thin slices of beef). They'll set-up the barbecue hot plate on your table, just like in any other Korean Barbecue restaurants, and will ask if you'll have pork or beef. They serve the raw meat as you request for it. For 299php, you'll get everything that's on the buffet table plus unlimited Samgyupsal and Chadolbaegi.

Let the grilling begin!
We requested for serving after serving of meat - pork and beef! There were 5 of us then, so imagine the fast turn over of plates for the barbecue! We were there from 12PM to around 330PM! Oh we ate a lot, talked a lot and surely laughed a lot!

Most of the servers were kind and attentive even if the place was already busy. But there was this one who was so hesitant to serve us with Samgyupsal, even noting that left overs were not allowed! Gah! Anyhow... the cleanliness of the place was outstanding. I was expecting it to be somewhat icky, just like the other authentic Korean restaurants in Makati. But this one, proved to be different.

No roach encounter, all safe, all good!

Happy happy belly!

--- Matgalne Korean Restaurant : 4768 Kalayaan Ave. cor. Mariano St., Makati City

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