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Donut Croissant - Dunkin Donuts' Take on Cronuts

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 8 October 2013 | 17:28

The Cronut craze is yet to end. There are a lot of versions to try - Krispy Kreme and Bronuts are on my list as of the moment. Dunkin Donut, the first ever doughnut store I met when I was still a little child, has joined in the craze. Theirs were named Donut CroissantI've seen a couple of bad reviews about their Cronuts. So you see, it was not really on my "Cronut must try" list. 

Yesterday, while waiting for hubby in Paseo Center along Paseo de Roxas in Makati, I searched for a nice and quiet place to settle in. Unfortunately, there was none. I saw posters of Donut Croissant but did not pay much attention. Then I remembered that I saw ChaTime. I searched for it. When i found it, I didn't have time to back out or better yet I didn't really have any other option. It was just a take out store but saw some tables and chairs outside, al fresco style. I ordered my milk tea and when I was about to sit down, I saw that the tables were just for Dunkin Donuts customers.

Choco Almond Donut Croissant for 75php
Gah! It was destiny, 'ya know! I think I was meant to check out their Cronuts that day. I got inside the store and was battling with myself if I should go for the Bacon and Lettuce Croissant or the Donut Croissant. Out of curiosity, I picked the Cronut. Booooo! I was to choose between Apple Cinnamon and Choco Almond. I wanted both but then I didn't want to waste money. At 75php each, with not so good reviews, I didn't want to risk it! Hah! So I got the Choco Almond one.

It's more bread than Croissant
Got myself comfortably seated, took snapshots of the Cronut and took a bite. The first bite was weird. It was a croissant after all so, I was expecting some crunch - crispy and flaky pastry. I didn't get that. The texture was more bread like, filled with air inside. The layers were not as defined. It wasn't a croissant. Really, it wasn't. I took another bite and the sweetness got into me. It was covered with the usual white glaze that they use for their doughnuts. Then it was oily, too oily for me. The topping though was reminiscent of their classic doughnut, Nutty Choco. 

I didn't like it. No plans of trying any other flavors of their Donut Croissant. I will ensure to just stick to my Nutty Choco, Bavarian and Choco Butternut! And of course, their Munchkins!

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