More Cronuts : Krispy Kroissant

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 15 October 2013 | 19:39

More Cronuts on the go!

Here's Krispy Kreme's version - Krispy Kroissant.

We were to meet a friend in Green Belt. As we look for a place to settle in while waiting, I thought of Krispy Kreme. I was on a mission - to check on their Cronuts. You see, one Krispy Kreme kiosk vendor in a mall told me that only their big stores sell Cronuts. Imagine my disappointment as we get closer to the Krispy Kreme store in GB5 since it was a kiosk. We didn't know... It was our first time to check it out. 

As we got nearer, I resolved to just get a dozen of their donuts. But as we were to order, hubby saw that they have a tray of their Krispy Kroissant! DESTINY!!! Wooohoooo! They've got 4 flavors - Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate and Apple Cinnamon. For 70php each, gosh, these were cheaper than Dunkin' Donuts!!! We tried all four flavors! 

Krispy Kroissant for 70php each
They weren't flaky enough for me but were definitely less oily compared to competition. It was also surprising that they weren't too sweet, knowing that most of the flavors of Krispy Kreme's donuts can really get too sweet! They were cut in half, horizontally, with a Bavarian like filling. 

Chocolate Krispy Kroissant
I liked the one with chocolate topping. The chocolate was thick but wasn't Belgian chocolate rich which was fine since it wasn't as sweet as well. 

Apple Cinnamon Krispy Kroissant
The Apple Cinnamon was refreshing! Topped with chunks of apple in a cinnamon apple sauce, the topping was more marmalade like but in any case,  it was good! Just a word of caution, this topping can make the Cronut a tad more sweet.

Strawberry Krispy Kroissant
Croissant Layers
Then the Strawberry flavored one was just okay. The strawberry topping was thick and was jelly/marmalade like. I wasn't really impressed. It could have been better if they used something a little fresher here.

Vanilla Krispy Kroissant
Then lastly, the Vanilla flavor - I didn't like it. It was topped with a thin vanilla glaze. Just didn't appeal to me.

Overall, I liked these better than Dunkin' Donuts but not as much as WildFlour! You can get a box of 6 for 350php - Buy 5, take 1 for free!

--- Krispy Kreme : 2/F Greenbelt 5, Legazpi St., Ayala Center, Makati, Metro Manila

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