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The Ramen Craze: Ramen Yushoken

Written By clapalisoc on Tuesday 10 September 2013 | 13:18

Ramen has become a craze and the rainy season presented the right timing making the craze legit. So, the trend is to find the best place but for me, it's just a matter of enjoying what each Ramen House has to offer. Blogs that I've read here and there said that Ukokei is the best of all but I haven't had the chance to visit.

You see, I'm a Wrong Ramen - kontento na dito - kind of person because I never really know what a good bowl of Ramen should be. As long as it's yummy, then, I'm good. The hubby is the Ramen fanatic one. Very particular with the place and the hot bowl, looking for the authentic taste and feel.

Long table with chairs - facing the kitchen
Wood everywhere - simple, yet clean and elegant
Ramen Yushoken, Molito
We heard about Yushoken from a college friend and also saw that it was on the top rank of the best Ramen Houses in the Metro. We have been planning to visit but never got the chance. So, one rainy afternoon, we braved Molito and got our foot set forth to Ramen Yushoken. The place was simple - no fancy decorations, had a long table with chairs facing the kitchen, simple menu and straight to goodness Ramen selection. The menu had details of how the broth was prepared and also expalined each kind of Ramen.

Tantan-Men for 380php
I got my Ramen favorite  : Tantan-Men. It was served steaming hot with all the flavors lingering in the air. The soup was rich - thick if I can say that - and was full of flavors. I noticed though that it was oily. Not sure if that was the chili or it was just oily. The noddles - thick and firm and freshly made. It was then lavished with more than enough ground pork! Too much that there was still a lot of it after finishing the noddles and most of the soup. But there was something wrong with what I ate because I needed to stop and push the bowl for hubby to finish. I felt dizzy, wanting to throw up. It was a good bowl of Ramen, don't get me wrong, but I don't know. Must be the chili? Too much oil or was there MSG?

Shoyu for 350php + Aji Tamago for 80php
Anyhow... The hubby ordered for their famous Shoyu, adding an egg to it! The most expensive egg to date - 80php! This was very good too. The rich flavor of the soup, the thick slices of meat, the thick noodles and the overall saltiness went well together. I liked it more than my Tantan-Men.

Gyoza for 150php
We also ordered for some Gyoza and I tell you, they were the best I had so far! Freshly prepared, and not the frozen types, they were soft and tasty.

Overall, it was a pleasant visit. We got our tummies filled and happy. The servers were attentive too. They, however, do not allow take outs. They prefer customers to enjoy their Ramen hot and fresh.

As we head out of the restaurant, someone even thanked us for dining in. Not sure if he was the owner or manger but the gesture gave us a feel good end note to the experience. It was indeed a good way to keep a business running and to win loyal customers.

---Ramen Yushoken : Molito Lifestyle Center, Madrigal Ave., Alabang, Muntinlupa City

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